12 Things You Need to Know About Anytime Collect 2014 AR Management Software

AR Management SoftwareWe recently announced the release of Anytime Collect 2014, the latest version of the company’s AR Management Software.  Anytime Collect 2014 is heavily focused on user experience and workflow that makes collecting accounts receivable even easier than it was with earlier versions of the software. Past versions of Anytime Collect may have streamlined your activities and put your AR management on autopilot, but Anytime Collect 2014 takes you to a new level of efficiency and speed with the exciting changes and new features in Anytime Collect 2014.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Templates:  Anytime Collect 2014 comes with pre-defined best practice templates for collection activities, work queues, and escalation and reporting.
  2. In-product tutorials: The new version comes with tutorials built into the software for faster training for new and existing users.
  3. Customer at a Glance: This new screen allows users to view all pertinent information for an account quickly and easily in one place, without having to navigate away from their current screen or task. The screen shows information such as primary contact information, important dates, activity counts, disputes and broken promises, aging, open issues, open and overdue invoices, payments, average days to pay, and more. A summary of communications is also displayed in the screen and can be opened for detailed view of communications for the selected account.
  4. The action list:  A new feature that functions as a “to do” list for users. The list is even prioritized with the most important activities at the top. The list is auto-generated upon login and is located in a pop out tab on the right of the screen. The list alerts users to things such as unread emails, files that need to be attached to an accounts, calls to be made, etc. as users work their way down the list and complete the tasks, the tasks drop away and are replaced with other activities for completion.
  5. 100% cloud: In earlier versions of the AR management software, users could see info on the cloud but could not take action on the cloud. Now they can!  With ATC 2014 you can see and edit account information, send emails, perform all other activities all on the cloud!
  6. System configuration and setup: now available in the browser which means even faster implementation and easy access for admin’s.
  7. My Accounts Screen: email, make phone calls, manages disputes, log expected payments, and set follow-up activities in one single screen.
  8. Reports: Users can now edit text without having to go into the report writing tool (this still exists but is not necessary for quick text changes)
  9. Action summary: This screen shows all actions taken or not taken by all users. This feature is great for managers who need to track the actions and status of collectors and accounts.
  10. New icons: it is now easier to see visually which invoices are in dispute, which have follow-up activities, which are tagged to communications, which have expected payments, which have attachments, and which ones have emails sent to customers or emails received back from customers.
  11. Workflow Rules:  New priorities for actions so that system-generated actions can be grouped by priority for collectors. Rules also provide more control over when actions are generated for specific accounts. For example, errors are more common the first time a customer invoice is created for a brand new account. An action can now be created the first time that a customer is invoiced to ensure that it is correct.  
  12. Pricing and editions:  ATC 2014 is available in three editions – Small Business, Standard, and Enterprise. Pricing starts at just $50 per user per month. Available for a low monthly subscription or purchase and can be deployed as a software as a service (SaaS) hosted cloud business application or on premise in a desktop environment.

Watch a demo of the Anytime Collect 2014 below:

AR Management Software

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