Study Shows Business to Business ecommerce Solutions Will Continue to Gain Popularity into 2014

In a recent study, “The Emerging Role of B-to-B E-commerce” it was reported that today, 31% of b2b marketers are considered to be strong adopters of ecommerce and Business to business ecommerce solutions. That is a 6% increase from 2012. As we end 2013 and enter 2014, it is predicted that we will see even more (40%) of marketing and sales professionals adopting b2b ecommerce solutions into their strategy. Why the increase in adoption? Continue reading

MRP for Sage 300 ERP | Accpac and MRP

When it comes to Sage Accpac and MRP there are a handful of places that leave you wishing for more. The solution does include a Bill of Material, Work Order, and MRP Software Module, but there are weaknesses and gaps in the software. The limitations of the software make it difficult for you to accurately forecast sales, it does not support multiple step transfer orders, and does not give you buyers and planners the insight they need to efficiently make their decisions. Fortunately there are other options out there to step in when Accpac (now Sage 300 ERP) drops the ball. Continue reading

AR Management : set yourself up for success.

There is no way to make AR Management a walk in the park, it’s a tough job but there are ways you can make the process much faster and easier and there are steps you can take that will help avoid late payment from the beginning. This blog will discuss the problems often found with manual AR management as well as discuss steps that can be taken to encourage timely payment from the start. By setting yourself up to succeed you can get paid faster without having to work harder or hire additional staff. Continue reading

Anytime Supply Chain: Cloud MRP Software Product Road Map

The first release of Anytime Supply Chain software provides wholesale distributors and manufacturers with cloud-based DRP and cloud MRP software planning with cloud sales demand forecasting capabilities.

Future product releases will be rolled out offering new features for DRP and MRP software planning as well as demand forecasting. Further, additional ERP and accounting system integrations are planned. For example, the system initially integrates with Sage 100 (Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200) and Sage 500 (Sage MAS 500) but integrations are either nearly complete, in process, or planned for Sage 300 (Sage Accpac), Intuit QuickBooks, Intacct financials, Epicor, and other systems. Continue reading

Cloud Demand Planning and Your Supply Chain

Creating quality demand forecasts is essential in any supply chain. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to accurately forecast demand and reap the associated benefits, such as increased production efficiency, controlled inventory expenses, increased customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and much more. Cloud demand planning software can help.

With cloud demand planning you can gain deep insight into and across your supply chain to avoid stock-outs, improve on-time delivery, and maximize your production resources which allows you to focus more time, energy, and resources on moving your business forward through innovation, growth, and new business opportunities. How does the cloud help you do this?
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AR Credit Collections :Study Shows Your Credit Collection Policy & Procedure Manual Is Probably Useless

A recent survey from Credit Today reveals that a portion of companies are pretty good at keeping up with their AR Credit Collections Manual updates, but a majority of businesses neglect to keep up with this important activity.

The survery reported that about 41% update their manuals at least once a year, but that leaves more than 50% who do it less frequently which leaves them with a manual that is basically useless, and that is a big problem. Continue reading

Designing a B2B ecommerce storefront that converts

If you are considering an ecommerce storefront for your B2B company, or if you think your current store needs a revamp, there are a few things you need to consider before diving in. first things first, if you are operating on an older B2B ecommerce platform it may be in your best interest to check out some of the new B2B ecommerce platforms available today. With the recent rise in popularity, the new systems have become much cleaner, more attractive, customizable, and have a lot more features you may find superior to your out-dated software. But let’s get back on track here…

There are a number of things to consider if you want your storefront to be a busy salesperson for your company and a bunch of easy things you can do to make your customers experience something they will want to repeat again and again. Continue reading

Considerations for Cloud-Based Supply Chain Software

Most MRP software and DRP systems are installed on your server making it difficult to share this information across different locations or with external users such as customers and vendors. In today’s day and age it is becoming increasingly important for this information to be available to external users. A Cloud-Based Supply Chain Software system can help you quickly and easily share important information with customers, suppliers,  and vendors. Continue reading

Sage 300 MRP software and Anytime Supply Chain

There are a number of places where Sage 300 MRP software is weak. This blog explores those weaknesses and shares how Anytime supply chain can fill the gaps left by Sage 300 MRP to improve your supply chain operations.

Below are some of the Sage 300 MRP software limitations that are addressed with Anytime Supply Chain MRP software.

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12 Things You Need to Know About Anytime Collect 2014 AR Management Software

AR Management SoftwareWe recently announced the release of Anytime Collect 2014, the latest version of the company’s AR Management Software.  Anytime Collect 2014 is heavily focused on user experience and workflow that makes collecting accounts receivable even easier than it was with earlier versions of the software. Past versions of Anytime Collect may have streamlined your activities and put your AR management on autopilot, but Anytime Collect 2014 takes you to a new level of efficiency and speed with the exciting changes and new features in Anytime Collect 2014.

Here is what you need to know: Continue reading

Gaining Supply Chain Visibility and Control with Cloud Forecasting

An in depth level of visibility and control is essential to an efficient, effective, and profitable manufacturing business. Unfortunately this is often times easier said than done. But cloud forecasting enables supply chain professionals to have just that and more. Utilizing cloud technology in your supply chain allows you to quickly gain end-to-end visibility in your supply chain and grant you optimal control through automation, real-time data, compliance, and much more so you can focus on innovation and quickly getting your products to market. Continue reading

Collecting Accounts Receivable: how to handle financially distressed customers

If a large customer comes to you and shares their financial problems, it is time to open up your ears and hear them out. You should be happy they are discussing these issues with you. The fact they’re coming to you with this problem is huge considering many companies either do not realize their trouble, refuse to admit they are in distress, or are in denial of their financial burdens. Now that they have come to you, your company has a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship and help your customers out, basically cementing your relationship with them, not to mention the potential referral business they will give you. But that is all dependent upon how you handle the conversation and the actions you choose to take as well as monitoring your customers to see these situations coming so you can take corrective action before it gets to this point. Continue reading

Supply Chain Software Comparison: Anytime Supply Chain and Sage 100 MRP Software

The differences between Anytime Supply Chain and Sage 100 MRP Software.The MRP software module for Sage 100 is incredibly limited. Below are some of the Sage 100 MRP software limitations that are addressed with Anytime Supply Chain MRP software. Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200) includes a Bill of Material, Work Order, and MRP software module. The first two modules were developed by Sage Software. The MRP software module was originally developed by a third party and Sage acquired the module in the 1990s. Sage has done little to enhance this module since it stabilized the module’s code in the early 2000s making it operational and reducing the amount of bugs that customers were reporting when trying to use it. Continue reading

Traffic Maintenance Company Implements Anytime Collect for Better AR Management

A leading family-owned traffic maintenance company in Texas, N-LINE traffic, recently made the decision to implement Anytime Collect for better AR management. The company’s goal was to  replace their manual AR management processes and improve them with a solution that could work alongside their QuickBooks system to give them increased visibility, better control, and automation of their accounts receivable activites. Continue reading

Supply Chain Management: The Right SCM Software Can Change Everything.

Supply chain management is, in short, the art (yes it is an art) of controlling everything from raw  materials and their point of origin to the final point of consumption of your product. This includes all interlinking networks, channels, and management of every member of the supply chain process. Needless to say, it is a tough job and not one to be taken lightly. Nor is it a job to take on without the proper tools.

Supply chain managmenet professionals are faced with a number of problems that need not only a solution, but the solution that will make your process as efficient and cost effective as possible. But what goes into a solid SCM solution and how can it help your company? Continue reading