7 changes you will see in your organization after implementing a B2B eCommerce Platform

B2B eCommerce has officially arrived and is taking off- but what does that mean for the companies who choose to implement it? B2B ecommerce will effects many parts of your organization, both internally and externally. This blog will investigate a few different things you may see after implementing your B2B ecommerce platform. Continue reading

Supply Chain Management & Sage 500 ERP : Routing & BOM setup

Setting up distribution inventory planning software is easy compared to the many options and pitfalls of setting up the entire bill of material and routing options that can affect an MRP generation.

First, systems like QuickBooks have only very basic bills of material software features and others (typically in distribution) only have the concept of a kit or a group of items sold together. These systems can still be used with Anytime supply chain management software because the DRP logic looks at manufacturing work order supply, purchasing supply and inventory demand planning only for purchased or transferred items (including kits) in a pure distribution environment. Continue reading

White Paper Outlines Best Practices in Supply Chain Management for MRP/DRP Planning for Distribution and Manufacturing Supply Chains


June 25, 2013, Chardon, Ohio- e2b teknologies, developers of Anytime Supply Chain, supply chain management software, recently releases,  “23 Common (and Critical) DRP & MRP Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,” a white paper outlining supply chain management best practices around demand forecasting (DRP)  and material planning (MRP)  for distribution and manufacturing supply chains . Continue reading

Custom B2B eCommerce Requirements

Custom B2B eCommerce Requirements

Most B2C ecommerce providers are hesitant to customize their software. B2B ecommerce applications are designed for flexibility and B2B ecommerce providers who understand your business needs can provide you with a custom B2B eCommerce platform to meet even the most complex business requirements ensuring that your B2B ecommerce software and shopping cart deployment is a success. Continue reading

What is DSO? Days Sales Outstanding Definition & DSO calculation

What is DSO ? 


Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a simple measure of how long it takes for you to collect an invoice. The goal is to have the lowest DSO possible, this means that the company quickly recovers payment on accounts receivable. A high DSO means in takes the company longer to collect accounts receivable, this is an issue for many companies.

DSO is calculated as: Continue reading

Benefits of B2B eCommerce: B2B eCommerce ROI

 B2B eCommerce ROI

Companies who implement a B2B ecommerce storefront can achieve a very high return on investment in very little time. Consider that about one third of all business to business orders are still entered manually or received either via phone, fax, or email. This adds a lot of cost to each transaction. Continue reading

Best Practices in AR : Creating a Plan to Improve Credit & Collections Activities

Best Practices in AR: Creating a Plan to Improve Credit and Collections Activities: The goal for any credit plan is to clearly define important elements so that employees can

conform to documented steps and procedures designed to improve the overall process. some of these important elements would include rules, regulations,  daily operations, approval workflow, and resources.

The Credit Research Foundation estimates that only 20% of credit departments have formalized policies. Many companies struggle to formalize policies due to ad-hoc credit management from salespeople, lack of critical financial information, or simply due to time constraints and higher priority projects. Continue reading

Inventory Management Guidelines: Inventory Replenishment Software Parameters for MRP Software

Inventory Management Guidelines: Some systems (especially ERP applications designed for wholesale distributors and manufacturers) may have special maintenance screens for other parameters that could (and likely will) affect your MRP planning results. For example, Sage 500 ERP has a task called Setup Warehouse Replenishment software. This task is organized by purchase product line and warehouse to define some of the settings that are used in the MRP software. These may include reorder method (manual, EOQ, Min/Max, or Max), Buyer, Primary Vendor, Standard Lead Time, and Season Start/End dates. Some systems also allow you to define target quantities for ordering by PPL and warehouse – such as target dollar values, quantities, volume, or even by weight.

Continue reading

eCommerce Shipping Methods: eCommerce Shipping Consideration for B2B’s

eCommerce Shipping Methods: ecommerce shipping consideration for B2B’s

It is important to realize the differences between B2B eCommerce Shipping methods and rate calculations Vs. B2C eCommerce Shipping methods and rate calculations. Here are a few things to consider.  Most consumer purchases are smaller and relatively light weight. Continue reading

Certified QuickBooks Solution Developer e2b teknologies to Sponsor and Exhibit at Scaling New Heights Advanced Training Conference for Intuit QuickBooks Advisors


Chardon, Ohio, June 17, 2013- Today, e2b teknologies(www.e2btek.com) , a Silver Certified QuickBooks Solution Developer, announced that the company is sponsoring and exhibiting at the Scaling New Heights Conference at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida From June 23rd through June 26th. Scaling New Heights is a unique, Intuit-centric training experience that provides in-depth professional education and networking opportunities to the nation’s most successful QuickBooks consultants. Continue reading

How to make a collection call : 6 secrets for more effective collection calls

not sure how to make a collection call? or maybe you know how but they dont seem to be all that effective… this blog will share 6 tips on how to make a collection call more effective so you are not wasting your time!


In most small businesses the person who is responsible for making collection calls is not a full-time professional collector but is someone with other significant responsibilities – a bookkeeper, salesperson or even the business owner. Here are some tips for making effective collection calls while maintaining good customer relationships Continue reading

DRP/MRP solutions for wholesale distributors & manufacturers

There are a lot of inventory and item fields that can affect MRP software calculations. These will vary from system to system. Entry-level systems like QuickBooks won’t have most of the features you’ll need but applications like Anytime Supply Chain software allow you to fill-in the missing information so you have access to enterprise-level DRP/MRP  planning tools without compromising the integration you need to pull in purchasing supply and inventory demand planning transactions from your entry-level accounting system. Continue reading