Demand Forecasting In Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500)

There’s A New Way to go about Forecasting Demand in Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500)

Anytime Supply Chain software allows companies to manage their supply and demand more effectively. Companies that do not have sales demand forecasting within their ERP business systems can use the Anytime Supply Chain Sales Forecasting software module to help drive their demand planning process. Continue reading

B2B ecommerce Industry Trends and B2B ecommerce Statistics

We have seen the stats from the Forrester reports; B2B ecommerce has grown to be twice that of B2C and are expected to reach $559 Billion by the end of this year (very excited to see if they were correct, by the way!). Those statistics have flooded the B2B ecommerce world- here are some new ones for you!

Earlier this year, Oracle conducted an online interview that spoke to current B2B ecommerce trends providing some insight into the investments companies are making in their ecommerce platforms, why they are successful, and more. Here is what they found: Continue reading

A New Way to Manage MRP

A New Way to Manage MRP: e2b teknologies has developed MRP software and DRP software since the early 1990s. With any product design, it gets better and better over time and improves dramatically with new technologies. Having implemented literally hundreds of MRP software implementations with feedback from thousands of users, our next-generation MRP software and DRP product has years of experience behind the product design and leverages these new cloud-based technologies to make it available to a much larger audience regardless of their accounting or ERP business application. Continue reading

A/R for Quickbooks: QuickBooks Invoice Collection

As a QuickBooks user, (please excuse me while I speak in generalities), you are probably a small to medium sized business who does not have the time and/or the resources you’d like to devote to your accounts receivable. Whether these generalities are true for you or not, you’re are busy and have a lot to do; wouldn’t it be nice to automate some of those time consuming AR customer communications and other activities?

Hmm…Funny you should bring that up!

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Manufacturers and The Cloud | Benefits of SaaS for Manufacturing

Manufacturing has been a little behind in adopting cloud computing, but these late adopters have begun to make moves as they have begun to recognize the many benefits of SaaS for manufacturing environments. Manufacturing is tough; with constant pressure to speed up processes, remain competitive, drive prices down, maximize customer retention, bring in new customers, manage relationships with distributors, etc. It is no surprise the manufacturing, as an industry, has begun to look to the cloud for help after seeing the tremendous benefits it provides in other industries. Continue reading

Sage 500 MRP Advice & Suggestions

While previous posts focused on Anytime Supply Chain software across a variety of ERP and accounting systems, this article specifically addresses users of Sage 500 ERP and considerations they face using the Sage 500 MRP and Inventory Replenishment software module and Sage 500 MRP Advice & Suggestions. Continue reading

Food & Beverage Company Chooses Anytime Collect AR Management Software for Sage 500 ERP

e2b anytime apps, publishers of Anytime Collect AR management software, is happy to announce that a new customer has chosen to use Anytime collect to work along with their Sage 500 ERP System. The new customer, a privately owned reusable packaging company, will use the AR management software to work alongside their ERP system to more effectively and efficiently manage their accounts receivable. Continue reading

Kanban vs. MRP |Supply Chain Software & Sage 500 ERP (fka Sage MAS 500)

Kanban vs. MRP Items in Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500)

Many wholesale distributors and manufacturers have embraced lean replenishment software and lean manufacturing software methodologies throughout the years to reduce inventory, reduce stockouts, reduce inventory costs, and to streamline their lean supply chain planning. Continue reading

Largest Independent Direct Mail Company in the U.S. Chooses Anytime Collect for Credit and Collections Automation to work with Sage 100 ERP

Mspark, a marketing services company based in Alabama, is the largest independent shared direct mail company in America. The company has over 3,000 clients in 550 markets, reaches over 2 million households, and has chosen Anytime Collect for credit and collections automation.

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Engineering Change Order Effectivity Dates & MRP Sofware | Sage 500 MRP software


Engineering Change Order Effectivity Dates & MRP Sofware

Changes made to your bill of material software obviously have an impact on your MRP planning process and DRP planning process. For example, a vendor may notify you that they are replacing a model of their part with another. This will result in the receipt of a new item which will need to be integrated with your new bill of material so you start ordering the new part and planning to use-up existing stock of the old item. Continue reading

Your B2B ecommerce Solution: Build or Buy?

If you are shopping for a B2B ecommerce solution, you might be asking youself, “why don’t we just build it ourselves?” and at first this seems like a great idea! I myself am a DIY enthusiast but through many failed attempts at DIY projects around my house,I have come to realize that not all things are meant to be done by yourself… Continue reading

Purchase Orders vs. Blanket Purchase Orders | Sage 500 ERP (aka Sage MAS 500)

Purchase Orders vs. Blanket Purchase Orders: A few general accounting systems support blanket purchase orders where a blanket or contract is established with a vendor for a list of items that you will purchase from them over time. In many cases, the blanket purchase order includes contracted quantities for those particular items. Continue reading

Credit Application Form for Businesses

Let’s say you’re sitting in your office one day, and you think to yourself, ‘our company really needs to start taking initiatives to minimize credit risk and bad debt for our new business accounts’. So what do you do? Well, you realize you need a credit application form for your business, so you search Google for templates. Your search brings you to this blog article. You read down the first paragraph until the paragraph ends right here.

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Business to Business eCommerce – Why Bother?

As a business, you are seeing a TON of information out there from us and from other software professionals about business to business ecommerce including Statistics, best practices, infographics, white papers…that is all great information. But what if are a little late to the game and are just wondering why you should bother with Business to Business ecommerce- What can it do for your company?

Well it can do a number of great things; but let’s keep it simple. Here are the top five reasons you should bother with Business to Business ecommerce: Continue reading