How to Define Receivables Management Procedures Like a Pro

Your business is unique based on your industry and the types of customers you serve. Therefore, your credit and collections procedures will also be unique to your company. In fact, we’ve found that most businesses should not treat every customer the same because every customer is NOT the same. Continue reading

Receivables Management Policies and Procedures

In the first half of this blog, we discussed defining procedures for receivables management disputes, reminder emails, large invoices, and more to help you become more consistent and effective in your communications with customers. This blog will build upon what you have already learned and cover a few more important policies and procedures every AR management department should have in place and why they are important. Continue reading

Consequences of Accounts Receivable Invoice Disputes

Late payments and invoice disputes that may have caused the delayed payment can have a significant negative impact on a business. A study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2011 indicated 75% of small businesses were affected by long payment terms or late payments. The research further indicated that 50% of these companies spent 4-6 hours each week managing late accounts. Perhaps the most startling statistic in this study was the fact that 4,000 businesses failed in 2008 as a direct consequence of late payments. Continue reading

Wave Goodbye to A/R Collections Disputes: Getting Started

If you extend credit terms to business customers you’ll inevitably end up with plenty of reasons why customers can’t or won’t pay you on time, but there are a number of things you can do to cut down on the amount of disputes your A/R collections team deals with.

Any and all customer communication should be friendly in nature. Take the standpoint that the customer is innocent until proven guilty. Even if it’s their fault, kill them with kindness, and they’ll know that you’re there to work with them to resolve the issue. It takes a long time to convert a prospect to a customer, and most customers are good customers – especially when you build a mutually-beneficial relationship with them. Continue reading

Bill Baker joins e2b as the New VP of Sales for Enterprise and OEM Business Development For Anytime Collect Credit and Collections Management Software Practice

Chardon, OH, January 28, 2014 – e2b teknologies recently published an official press release announcing Bill Baker as the new VP of Sales for Enterprise and OEM business development for the company’s flagship product, Anytime Collect credit and collections management software. Bill brings to this new positions, 27 years of sales and sales management experience, 17 of which has been spent in SMB and enterprise level software. Continue reading

Setting Appropriate Goals for Credit and Collections Management

Too often we see businesses that are focused on the cash aspect of their credit and collections management. While cash is important, it’s simply the result of effectively managing your accounts receivable credit and collections process. As such, your goals should not be based on cash improvements but rather, on improvements in your invoicing and customer communications plan and process. If you set the right goals and you attain them, the cash will come – I promise. Continue reading

Our Latest White Paper Provides Effective Techniques to Eliminate Accounts Receivable Invoice Disputes

There are two fundamental reasons why a customer hasn’t paid you on time. It’s either your fault that you did something (or didn’t do something) preventing them from paying you, or it’s something that they’ve done (or didn’t do) that is beyond your control.  But there are some simple things you can do to reduce and even eliminate invoice disputes in your AR department. This white paper will walk you through some of the most effective techniques that you can start implementing today. Continue reading

What to Do About Collecting Oustanding Accounts Receivable

In recent articles, we have touched on 5 questions you must answer before improving your credit and collections and we have also pointed out the most common struggles companies face collecting AR and how to overcome them. Now that those questions have been aswered and you have defined the root of your problems, you may be wondering what it all means and how it will be helpful collecting outstanding accounts receivable. Continue reading

Answers to The Most Common (and Critical) B2B eCommerce Questions

B2B ecommerce is nothing new, but in recent years it has dramatically improved in terms of functionality, making it a hot topic in the business software world. Companies who have implemented these new platforms are seeing impressive results in sales, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Adoption of ecommerce among B2B companies is growing steadily, but many B2B’s are yet to dive in and have a long list of questions about making online selling a part of their business strategy. Continue reading

Join Us for an Upcoming Webinar

How to Develop Killer A/R letters, call scripts, and email templates.

Managing accounts receivable is overwhelming for many businesses, but it can be very easy if you have the right tools to help you and your staff.

Join us and for a 1 hour webinar as we outline some of the basics you’ll need to craft an accounts receivable credit and collection strategy to meet your specific business needs and drive-down you’re A/R and bad debt write-offs. Continue reading

5 Questions You Must Answer to Improve Receivables Management

The best way to improve your receivables management in the future, is to know what’s going on in your company, your industry, and your customers organizations today. This will help you refocus on your accounts receivable management practices to ensure you are heading down the right path. Answer the following five questions and you will be well on your way to make the changes that will lead you to successful and effective credit and collections. Continue reading

New Supply Chain Management White Paper Helps Extend Sage MRP/DRP Software Modules for Improved Planning

In a press release published yesterday, e2b anytime apps, developers of Anytime Supply Chain, enterprise-class supply chain management software system, announced the release of the company’s latest supply chain management white paper. The white paper, entitled “Sage MRP/DRP & Anytime Supply Chain Software from A to Z,was written to help manufacturing and distribution companies who use Sage software to extend the Sage MRP/DRP software modules to more effectively manage their supply chain. Continue reading

Does Your B2B eCommerce Storefront Feature Content That Will Drive Sales?

Content is an extremely important part of any website, including your B2B ecommerce storefront. Of course content is obviously important because, without page content, your page would be blank…and that just wouldn’t make sense. But page content is much more than filler for the website; it is an integral part of driving web traffic, generating leads, and closing sales. Continue reading

Top 5 Accounts Receivable Management Struggles & How to Overcome Them

As publishers of accounts receivable management software, we have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes who struggled with A/R management. While Every company is different, we have noticed that many of these companies struggle with some combination of the same issues. Below is a list of the top 5 problems we see our customers strugged with before seeking a solution and a few sugggestions on how to avoid them in your business. Continue reading

Download Our New Library of Credit and Collections Communications Templates

You spend a lot of time and money marketing to prospects and converting them to profitable customers and you have tools to help you do that, like ERP or CRM, right? Managing accounts receivable is overwhelming for many businesses because they lack the right tools for the job. Sure you can go try to use your CRM or your ERP to manage them, but that is like trying use a hammer when you should be using a screwdriver; you can try all you want and it might work out, but the result won’t be all that great.

Good communication is the #1 requirement for effective credit and collections. If you spend the time developing credit and collections communications call scripts, email templates, and letter templates, you will be significantly more effective in your credit and collections activities. To that end, we have developed a  library of templates and everything else you need to get started. Continue reading