Understanding Accounts Receivable Metrics: Days Sales Outstanding

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a widely used method to help evaluate how effective a company is at collecting receivables. This metric used to measure the average number of days it takes a company to collect what is owed to them after a sale has been completed. Put in fewer words, it is the average collection period. There is much to know about measuring and interpreting DSO, and we have a few words of caution as well when analyzing DSO. Continue reading

5 Tips for Faster Freight Invoice Collection and Improved Cash Flow

Low cash flow is a source of anxiety for trucking companies of all sizes.  These issues can be rooted in various areas including a lack of customers, low-paying freight, or expensive operational costs. But the most frequent cause of cash flow problems stems from inadequate freight invoice collection because few trucking companies have effective processes, tools, and strategies to help them collect what is owed to them. By making a few adjustments in the way they manage A/R, these companies can improve their overall collections success, improve cash flow, and focus on other critical growth factors.
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The Benefits of Reduced Accounts Receivable Bad Debt

As noted in a previous blog outlining the consequences of invoice disputes, we noted that businesses write- off roughly 4% of credit sales annually. For a $10 million company, that means $400,000 each year!  If that same company was able to reduce bad debt write-offs by 20% That would equate to $80,000 in annual savings  which could then be used in many different ways to grow your company or enhance your company culture.

What would you do with all of that additional cash?  Below are a few suggestions, but it’s your money so spend it however you wish! Continue reading

Accounts Receivable How To : Identifying Underlying Problems for Improved Results

People want to be honest, but sometimes they avoid difficult questions and tell you what they think you want to hear instead of the truth.  It happens all the time in business. Businesses are representative of the people they employ. A customer that is experiencing financial difficulties is unlikely to tell you that they’re getting ready for a second round of layoffs and they’ve cut back to one shift in production. Instead they say that business is great. One of the nuances of credit and collections management is to identify underlying problems with your customers before they become major issues.

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5 Simple Accounts Receivable Best Practices to Help You Get Paid Faster

A story by Kathy Hoffelder titled “Why Firms Don’t Pay Their Invoices” appeared July, 30 2013 on CFO.com. According to the story, one company, TermSync, conducted a study of 100 financial executives.This research points out some major opportunities to improve accounts receivable collections that are completely within our control. Below are a five very simple accounts receivable best practices that you can implement today to improve your accounts receivable management and get paid faster.
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The State of Accounts Receivable in the Transportation Industry

In a recent infographic from Cortera Industry Monitors, it was made clear that the transportation industry has a serious problem when it comes to accounts receivable management, a problem which seems to be getting worse. Each month, Cortera measures and reports on key purchase, payment, and financial trends across major industries, one of which is the transportation industry. Below is a brief synopsis of the most recent monthly report and what it means for the industry as a whole. Continue reading

Accounts Receivable Management: Ensuring Payment When Your Customer Has Cash Flow Problems

If your customer is experiencing cash flow problems it is very common for them to delay payment. If this is the case, you need to rectify the immediate situation as soon as possible so that you can get paid what is owed to you. Likewise, you need to make some changes to ensure that you are not at risk with the same customer going forward.

In the first half of this article, we outlined three strategies you can try if you have customers with cash flow problems including penalties/discounts, credit cards, and payment plans. Below are a few more tactics to help your accounts receivable management team to not only help your customer, but to improve your relationship with them and ensure you get paid the money owed to you too. Continue reading

Accounts Receivable Solutions: Your Customers are Having Cash Flow Problems- But You Should Still Be Getting Paid!

There are plenty of reasons why your customers are not paying you on time, and many of them delay payment because they are experiencing cash flow problems. If your customers are struggling with cash flow and you are afraid this will delay payment, there are several ways that you can address this issue to improve the likelihood that you get paid without harming your relationship. Below are three suggestions for getting payment from customers that simply don’t have the money. Continue reading

Accounts Receivable Automation Solutions are the CFO’s Cure for Insomnia

Being the CFO of a business is no walk in the park, and it is definitely not one of those jobs where, at 5pm, you stop thinking about work and head home for the day. In a recent article, the author of “Guide to CFO Success: Leadership Strategies for Corporate Financial Professionals” discussed the top three worries that keep CFOs awake at night. Those top three concerns include their team, company growth, and cash flow. Continue reading

Sloppy Accounts Receivable Invoice Design: A Sure Fire Way to Delay Customer Payment

Many companies use the invoice templates provided out-of-the-box by their accounting software publisher. While the accounting software may be just fine, most accounting systems provide notoriously bad templates for business forms, especially invoices; and sloppy accounts receivable invoice design is a common cause of delayed payment. Customers that struggle to understand your invoice will push it to the bottom of their pile and will pay other bills first before (eventually) calling you or waiting for you to call them. Continue reading

Tips for a Better Accounts Receivable Invoicing Process

A common reason why customers pay late is that because you are sending the invoices to the wrong person or to the wrong address. This happens all the time which is why it is important to verify invoice delivery details right away and regularly check for changes. By taking the extra time to ensure you have the right information, you will see a significant change in your accounts receivable invoicing process. Continue reading

How Positive Customer Relationships Influence Accounts Receivable Management

The key to getting paid on time is to provide the customer with quality products and services, to ensure that there is no reason for them not to pay you on time, and to build a personal relationship with your customers – both at a business level and on a personal level.

You spend a lot of time and money marketing to prospects and converting them to profitable customers. The tool you use to manage this process is called CRM – customer relationship management. What’s credit and collections but an extension of these customer relationships? Companies that build relationships are much more likely to get paid on time. Continue reading

Publishers of Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable Automation Software Announces New Website

Chardon, OH, February 11, 2014- e2b teknologies, publisher of Anytime Collect accounts receivable automation software recently launched its new website, www.anytimecollect.com. The site features a modern design with information and resources for prospective customers and partners with specific information for a wide range of industries including advertising, media, agriculture, business services, manufacturing, distribution, and many more. Continue reading

Accounts Receivable Management Solutions Improve Invoicing

Inefficient invoicing processes are among the top reasons companies struggle with their accounts receivable management.  In fact, According to a recent CFO.com article, 11% of respondents claimed that their payments were late because they never received the invoice to begin with. This is completely avoidable given today’s technology such as accounts receivable management solutions, that can simplify the process and help you improve your overall credit and collections results. Continue reading