Answers to The Most Common (and Critical) B2B eCommerce Questions

B2B ecommerce is nothing new, but in recent years it has dramatically improved in terms of functionality, making it a hot topic in the business software world. Companies who have implemented these new platforms are seeing impressive results in sales, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Adoption of ecommerce among B2B companies is growing steadily, but many B2B’s are yet to dive in and have a long list of questions about making online selling a part of their business strategy.
If you are thinking of bringing ecommerce into your business for the first time, or if you are shopping for a new B2B ecommerce platform, you are headed in the right direction, and this presentation was put together especially for you.
Check out the Slideshare presentation below and get the answers to some of your most pressing B2B ecommerce questions, including:
• Do I need ecommerce?
• Does it really work for B2B companies to sell online?
• How do I choose which ecommerce platform to buy?
• What are the benefits of b2b ecommerce?
• What does the ROI look like?
• Can it handle my complex requirements?
• And more

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