Asset Anytime Assets by e2b anytime apps

Anytime Assets, a product of e2b teknologies, is an asset and inventory tracking software available on the cloud. Anytime Assets offers a 100% customizable database, integrated bar coding and label printing, check in/out and asset movement tracking by person or location, grouping assets by category, and image and attachment integration. Anytime Assets is very useful as a software asset management (SAM) system to manage IT assets such as servers, personal computers, software licenses, and related licensing information. Further, companies can track virtually all of their assets in the system including office equipment such as copiers, printers, and furnishings as well as industrial equipment such as vehicles, machinery, and other capital equipment. Anytime Assets is easy to implement, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. Users can setup Anytime Assets and begin using it the same day to manage the important assets of their business.

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