The Components of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

elements of Supply Chain ManagementPowerful supply chain management software has built in components that allow it to streamline all of your complex supply chain processes. The components of supply chain management vary depending on what a business needs and what a software solution offers, however there are a few pillars that remain steadfast across the best solutions. These are pillars such as distribution requirements planning (DRP), material requirements planning (MRP), Bill of Material, Sales Forecasting, Production Entry, and integration to your ERP.

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Credit Application Form for Businesses

Let’s say you’re sitting in your office one day, and you think to yourself, ‘our company really needs to start taking initiatives to minimize credit risk and bad debt for our new business accounts’. So what do you do? Well, you realize you need a credit application form for your business, so you search Google for templates. Your search brings you to this blog article. You read down the first paragraph until the paragraph ends right here.

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How Can Debt Collection Software Reduce My DSO?

Companies love to get paid; and the quicker the better. This is a no-brainer. Debt debt collection softwarecollection software is the most tactical method for reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) for most companies. With automated workflows and streamlined business processes, debt collection software frequently reduces a company’s DSO from anywhere from 10 to 40 percent. This results in increased cash flow, putting money in the bank 6-12 days faster.

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eCommerce Infographic Shows Current B2B eCommerce Statistics

Did you know that 50% of yearly sales for many B2B companies come from online transactions? With a percentage like that it’s a wonder why only 25% of B2B companies have an online presence. It seems like several B2B companies are missing out on the huge competitive advantage that B2B ecommerce software delivers. Our new B2B ecommerce infographic has several enlightening statistics, just like this, for B2B companies. Continue reading

Cloud and Proud: Can Accounting Software Make it in the Cloud?

The debate over whether or not cloud software is the best decision for businesses has spawned an almost religious divide on the issue. Whether you’re a cloud believer or skeptic, it can be agreed that cloud software has been gaining traction over the years as the main alternative to software installed on-site, and rightfully so. Online cloud software is more flexible, requires much less maintenance, and is often cheaper, as you only pay for what you use on a subscription basis. Continue reading

Anytime Commerce B2B eCommerce Storefront Expanded for More Devices and Browsers

Anytime Commerce B2B ecommerce

February 18, 2013 Chardon, Ohio - Today e2b teknologies announced the release of a new version of Anytime Commerce, the company’s B2B ecommerce storefront software. The software has been fully rewritten to take advantage of HTML 5 technology. Further, the new version includes new Content Management System (CMS) capabilities to manage eCommerce pages as well as general company webpages. Continue reading