Maximizing The Return on Your B2B eCommerce Solution

What does the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of inboard marine engines have in common with an industry leading distributor of funeral products and a manufacturer of water purification equipment?

They are all using B2B ecommerce to sell their products and services online and each one has their own unique business requirements that could not be met with out of the box ecommerce solutions designed for consumer sales. 

While B2B ecommerce has taken its cue from the B2C market, there are some very important differences between the right solution for a B2C company and the right solution for a B2B when it comes to things such as:

  • Goals
  • Market
  • Buying process
  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Users
  • Frequency
  • Order totals
  • Fulfillment
  • Order processing
  • and more
Those factors, which are critical parts of the B2B company, cannot be addressed with standard out-of-the-box ecommerce solutions that were originally intended for the use of B2C businesses. In recent years the B2B ecommerce world has changed drastically. What were once clunky, ugly, and almost useless systems have become sleek and easy to use B2B ecommerce solutions that can help you take your business to the next level.

Watch this video to learn how these companies and others found a B2B ecommerce solution that can be easily customized to handle the requirements of B2B companies and pick up a few tips on how to reduce your transaction costs, increase customer satisfaction, and set your company up for successful online selling.

B2B ecommerce solution



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