You Dont Have B2B Ecommerce? Study Shows Your Customers Will Likely Dump You

b2b ecommerceIf you are considering switching to a new b2b ecommerce platform or if you are still on the fence about incorporating  b2b ecommerce into your strategy, it is time to start making moves so you can remain competitive and avoid being dumped by your customers in 2014.
A recent industry study revealed that more than half (57%) of corporate buyers have made purchases for their company online and they plan to increase their online procurement in the next year. What makes it even more important for you to get moving on your b2b ecommerce plans is that a large number of people say they would dump their supplier for a new one who has an ecommerce option!

The study from Acquity Group also found that 71% said they would leave their current supplier if they found a new supplier with identical pricing with the option to buy online because it would make searching for products and ordering them easier!  So not only are you missing out on potential new customers by lacking an ecommerce platform, you could lose your current customers to competitors who have made b2b ecommerce a part of their strategy!

The report went on to argue that in order to remain competitive with big companies likes Amazon jumping on board the b2b ecommerce train, companies need to implement an ecommerce solution that mimics B2C online shopping experiences in terms of ease of use and appearance since 71% said they would order online if it were easier and more convenient to browse and make their purchases online. Which is why even those who already have ecommerce may want to seriously consider updating to a platform that is more attractive and easier to use.

“Buyers are consuming content and shopping on a wide array of devices on consumer retail sites and they’ve come to expect the same experience in their business purchasing.” said Robert Barr, senior vice president of Acquity Group.

Other information in the reports includes:

  • Of business buyers who shop online, 58.5% said they’ve made a purchase of $5,000 or more via the web. Business buyers with annual procurement budgets of $100,000 or more.
  • 37% said they expect to spend a bigger proportion of their annual procurement budgets in 2014
  •  8.7% said they spend 90% or more of their annual budgets via the web.
  •  31.9% said they spend 50%-89% of their budgets online.
  • 30.9% said they spend 11%-49% of their budgets online.
  • 28.5% said they spend 10% or less of their budgets online.

this study proves what we have all heard, b2b ecommerce adoption is growing rapidly! based on the figures presented above, there exsists a huge opprtunity for yout company to sell online, you just need to get started before industry giants and your competition get the jump on you!


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