Building brand loyalty and trust

Many businesses looking to expand their customer base beyond their immediate vicinity have turned to a digital storefront. Using ecommerce software as a platform to distribute goods and services online, companies from any industry have the potential to greatly increase their sales numbers. Of course, as any good business owner knows, building brand loyalty and customer trust is essential to running a successful operation. Current ecommerce software should provide interested parties with all the tools needed to create a online shop that will draw traffic. Vendors launching an ecommerce website should, however, take note of several factors that can help or hinder their efforts to build customer loyalty.

Dynamic Business contributor Jo MacDermott recently identified vendor transparency as the key to building trust with new or prospective customers. A clean, easy to navigate website will allow customers to search for and find whatever information they require. For example, a business' contact information should be clearly visible in case a client needs to ask a question or report a problem. In the event that a situation does arise, customer complaints should be handled quickly and to their satisfaction. Knowing that a business will go to great lengths to address any concerns will help to instill brand confidence in a client.

Another step online vendors can take to cultivate customer trust is by utilizing a product review system. Internet shoppers put a lot of stake into reviews, with a recent study reporting that 70 percent of shoppers trust consumer opinions. A few positive customer testimonials could bring in higher sales numbers for an online shop. Naturally, business owners may be worried about the possibility of receiving an occasional negative review. However, those situations are opportunities for vendors to demonstrate their commitment to quality and problem resolution. Even the most carefully run organization will hit a snag at some point. Having no negative reviews at all may very well engender more skepticism from customers than having a few.

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