Getting your customers online:Business to business ecommerce best practices to increase customer adoption

business to business ecommerceYou made the choice to jump on the business to business ecommerce bandwagon and now have a B2B website…but your customers are not using it! Don’t worry- they will. You just need to make sure you are making the experience fast, easy, and attractive.  There are many things you can do to make your b2b ecommerce storefront a place your customers WANT to be. Here are a few ways to make their experience one they will want o have over and over again.

1.  Make your site attractive.

All B2B customers are also B2C customers who have spent years making their personal purchases online. Those B2C experiences we have become accustomed to have given us a very specific idea of what all ecommerce should look like, whether it is for personal use or for business. Make sure your 6 Business to business ecommerce site is full of useful visual content that backs up your brand and your product offering.

2.  Make it informative.

Be sure to have full product descriptions that tell your customers exactly what they are looking at. Make sure your information is always up to date.  If your customers are not confident that they are buying the right thing, they won’t buy online. They will either call you up (defeating the purpose of online purchasing) or go to someone else if they have that option.

3. Make it easy to navigate.

Have you ever been to an ecommerce site that was just IMPOSSIBLE to navigate? There was on search bar, categories did not exist or where not easy to understand, etc. there are so many things that can turn your customers off to business to business ecommerce and  poor site navigation  is one of the biggest ways to guarantee they will not use your ecommerce site for their purchasing.  A simple search and/or filter options can greatly improve the navigation of your site.

4.  Simplify checkout.

Have you ever abandoned a cart because you could not figure out how to check out? Or because you were required to fill out never-ending forms and required fields? I know I have…quite a few times actually. Make your checkout process as simple and straightforward as possible. Get your customers through the site, from beginning to end, in as few clicks as possible with as few screen changes as possible.  Any barriers you put up will get them that much closer to ditching their online efforts and dialing your call center or sending you an email- slowing up the purchase process and taking your employees away from other support or sales duties.

5.  Display contact information.

The past points I have stressed how much you want your customers to place their orders online- but do not make it impossible for them to call you if they need help or have a question. Make your contact information prominent or use a live chat option if you’d like. Customers will always have questions, especially if they are making a large or complex order and accessibility and ease of use it a major factor in your overall customer satisfaction. Yes, the main goal is for purchases to be made online with as little direct communication as possible, but you want your customers to be happy and continue to purchase from you regardless of how, right? so make it easy for them to contact you, not a competitor.

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