Business to Business eCommerce – Why Bother?

As a business, you are seeing a TON of information out there from us and from other software professionals about business to business ecommerce including Statistics, best practices, infographics, white papers…that is all great information. But what if are a little late to the game and are just wondering why you should bother with Business to Business ecommerce- What can it do for your company?

Well it can do a number of great things; but let’s keep it simple. Here are the top five reasons you should bother with Business to Business ecommerce:

  1. Improve your efficiency. This can be found in customer self service, automation of your processes, and improved order capturing and processing
  2. Relationship enhancement.  Customer experiences are greatly enhanced with b2b ecommerce with the ability to order online 24/7 without you needing to staff your call centers and offices. Customer service is more responsive and your reps have more availability to deal with larger issues and accounts.
  3. Branding. With a business to business ecommerce storefront you can customize the look and feel to carry your messaging and branding across your web strategy.
  4. Grow your business. You will be able to reach customers that may have been outside of your reach prior to online selling through search engines and other online touch points
  5. Keeping up with your competition. As I am sure you have seen, Business to business ecommerce is growing, it has surpassed B2C and is not slowing down. by getting your company set up online you are giving yourself and edge over competition that has not made the move and keeping up with those who have.

There is much more to know about business to business ecommerce; but let’s stop here for this article. Next steps for you include researching the difference between B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions. They may seem similar, but you don’t want a B2C platform for B2B selling. This white paper can explain why.

Business to Business eCommerce software

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