Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500)

forecast modeling for Sage 500 ERPAccurate demand forecasts are essential for distributors and manufacturers to determine which products to buy or make and how many to keep on hand in order to avoid stock-outs and lost sales Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP from e2b anytime apps helps ensure this information is accurate. An accurate forecast minimizes carrying costs, reduces financial exposure due to high inventory levels, maximizes labor and machine utilization, helps reduce overtime, and minimizes machine setup and tear down. It is very likely that you have Excel on your computer—it‘s a great product, but it’s not designed for forecasting. We have a solution for that. Continue reading

e2b teknologies to Exhibit Cloud Business Applications for Sage ERP at Sage Summit 2013


Chardon, Ohio, July 22, 2013- Today, e2b teknologies, a Sage Software partner and developer of cloud business applications, announces that the company will exhibit the e2b anytime apps product line this week in booth #1155 at Sage Summit 2013. The annual conference for Sage customers and partners will be held July 21-26 at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in Washington, DC. Continue reading

Demand Planning, Safety Stock Software, and Lead Time Formulas in Distribution & Manufacturing Environments

Demand Planning, Safety Stock Software, and Lead Time Formulas in Distribution & Manufacturing Environmentsdemand planning

Many people do not know how to forecast inventory demand, how to manage inventory effectively, or how to plan inventory purchases and transfer order forecasts. Some these problems are related to training while others are related to their distribution inventory planning and accounting systems. Continue reading

Sage ERP Solutions | Sage 500 ERP add-on : Manufacturing Labor Entry

Streamline labor entry with rapid grid entry, batch transaction processing, and data validation with Enhanced Labor Entry, a  Sage 500 ERP add-on

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sage 500 erp add-on

Labor-intensive environments can achieve huge returns on investment by streamlining labor entry and transaction processing. In some environments, it is ideal to post labor transactions in real-time through the Sage 500 ERP labor entry screen or via the Shop Floor Control menu. However, in many companies, it is more efficient to have employees complete paper job tickets which are entered into the system at the end of each shift or at the end of the day. Continue reading

Sage MRP : Insights on Sage 500 MRP & Inventory Replenishment Software Modules

Sage 500 MRP ( aka in this article as  Sage MRP) software was developed by Haitek Solutions  and sold as part of its Envision ERP manufacturing replenishment software Sage MRPwhich integrated exclusively with Sage 500 (fka Sage MAS 500 and Acuity Financials). Sage wholly-acquired Haitek Solutions and Envision ERP in 2001.

The Sage MRP software module was relatively “young” when Sage acquired Haitek Solutions so there are some functional gaps in the product compared to more mature material requirements planning software applications. The good news is that there are some great add-ons available to fill in most of those gaps for more advanced users. Continue reading

Cost Modeling for Sage 500 ERP: Take Control of Standard Cost Updates, Cost Roll-Ups & Manufacturing Work Center Rate Changes

Watch The Video HereCost Modeling for Sage 500 ERP

Visit out youtube channel and watch a webinar featuring an interview with Diane Cochran of Molded Fiber Glass Companies. Molded Fiber Glass implemented Anytime 500 Cost Modeling Module to Work alongside their ERP system and have seen great benefits! Join us and hear all about a real-world application of Anytime 500′s Cost Modeling Module and how  Molded Fiber Glass took control of their Standard Cost Updates, Cost Roll-Ups, and Manufacturing Work Center Rate Changes with Anytime 500 Cost Modeling for Sage 500 ERP

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Manufacturing Component Traceability Now Available for Sage 500 ERP

Chardon, OH, June 10, 2013- e2b anytime apps, a division of e2b teknologies, today announced a new Enhanced Inventory module forSage 500 ERP to help companies trackSage 500 ERP serial and lot tracked components to the finished goods produced from them.

Enhanced Inventory is built in the Sage 500 ERP application framework extending existing features for manufacturers of automotive, consumer electronics, food and beverage, capital equipment, and other products where serialized or lot tracked component are used in the production of serial or lot tracked finished goods. Continue reading

Sage 500 Inventory Replenishment vs. Sage 500 MRP : Why you might want to use MRP software instead

As mentioned previously, Sage licenses Sage 500 Inventory Replenishment software module when companies purchase the Material Requirements Planning MRP software module and vice versa. But there are differences between the two modules that users need to be aware of as each was intended for different audiences.

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Lunch Byte: Batch Process Production Entry for Sage 500 ERP (FKA MAS 90)

A part of our Lunch Bytes Series: 15 minute technology updates.

The topic this week? Batch Process Production Entry for Sage 500 ERP (FKA MAS 90)

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Batch Process Production Entry in Anytime 500  is very useful for batch environments such as food, beverage, and chemical processing, as well as repetitive or lean manufacturing.This enhancement is similar to the Production Entry task in the standard Sage MAS 500 Light Manufacturing module. However, instead of creating work orders onthe-fly by posting transactions against the routing, Batch Process Production Entry allows companies to post multiple labor and/or material transactions against open work or batch orders from a single screen. Continue reading

Sage 500 ERP Document Management

Sage 500 (FKA MAS 500) document management module

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Companies in every industry have documents and files that they need to organize, share, and control in a collaborative environment. For some companies, an expensive, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) application may be required but for some, a simpler solution may be all that they need. In this 15 minute video, learn how Anytime 500′s Document Control for Sage 500 ERP allows you to:document control for sage 500 ERP MAS 500
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