HealthDay Subscribes to Healthier A/R with Anytime Collect & QuickBooks

HealthDay has been producing award-winning health news since 2001. Its editorial staff – comprised of more than 50 seasoned journalists and medical writers – has won numerous journalistic awards including the Pulitzer Prize. HealthDay has grown to be the largest syndicated health news service for the Internet. Currently, it provides content to more than 5,000 websites a day. Continue reading

HosePower USA Finds Anytime Collect a Reliable Accounts Receivable Collections System for Infor ERP

HosePower USA provides hoses and hose assemblies to mining companies and manufacturers of cranes, trucks, sanitation equipment, pressure washers, pumps and other items with integrated hoses. These hoses must meet strict tolerances set forth by design engineers. HosePower operates three OEM Centers that are expressly equipped to assemble, test, clean and distribute hoses to meet the exact needs and scheduling requirements of their busy customers. Continue reading