Companies should look into ecommerce sales tax

When companies adopt ecommerce software to start selling online and across state lines, there may be more to think about than they initially realized. The Wall Street Journal said tax laws are changing and more states than ever are looking to add some extra money to revenue via taxes on online purchases.

"Conservative governors, joining their Democratic counterparts, have been making deals with online retail giant to collect state sales taxes," the news source said. "The movement picked up an important ally when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – widely mentioned as a potential vice-presidential candidate – recently reached an agreement under which Amazon would collect sales taxes on his state's online purchases in exchange for locating distribution facilities there."

A chart from the Journal shows that there are states without a broad-based sales tax, including Oregon, New Hampshire, Montana, Delaware and Alaska, but many other states, including Illinois, New York and Texas, are looking to start collecting online sales tax.

Practical Ecommerce said companies may need to hire an accounting firm to figure out their position in the changing tax landscape. Enterprises could also consider Sales Tax Management System, the source stated, which could be one more reason to investigate ecommerce software integrated with accounting software.

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