Complete the Quote to Cash Cycle with Accounts Receivable Software

You put together a marketing campaign and successfully carried it out using your marketing automation software and CRM. Those marketing efforts brought in a great lead and your sales team nurtured them through the sales cycle with the help of CRM and other systems. Now the prospect is ready to make a purchase and become a customer. Nice! But your work is not done yet. From here you will discuss and agree upon pricing and payment terms, create a quote and contract, manage the order and delivery of the goods/services, draw up and invoice, send it, and receive payment…right?


There are a lot of steps that were not mentioned above. Steps which are crucial to receiving payment on time and within your agreed upon terms, but many companies do not have the tools they need to see those steps, not to mention manage them. Without the insight into the process or the automation to help you get it done, collecting outstanding accounts receivable is tough- but it doesn’t have to be.

Watch the video below to see how accounts receivable software can help you manage those in-between steps to quickly close the quote to cash cycle.

About Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable Software:

Anytime Collect puts your accounts receivable and credit collections on auto-pilot with built-in workflow to help you identify who to call, when, and why, with all the information you need at your fingertips to resolve disputes and to flat-out get paid faster. Integrated document management and automation makes it easy to communicate effectively with customers, documenting what you’ve done with insights to measure the results. For more information, click the button below and visit our resource center.

Accounts Receivable Collection

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