Cost Reduction for Distributors : 4 Cost Saving Ideas for Wholesale Distribution

Cost Reduction for Distributors is extremely important; there are many ways that distributors can save money and increase revenues. One area in particular that wholesale distributors might want to investigate for cost savings is centered on their supply chain and supply chain inefficiencies.Cost Reduction for Distributors

Cost reduction for distributors: 4 ideas to help you save money while increasing revenue:

1. Demand Forecasting – wholesale distributors can save a lot of money by implementing a demand forecasting system such as Anytime Supply Chain software to avoid overstocking an item.

2. Reduce Carrying Costs – reducing stocking levels will result in reductions in carrying costs which can be huge distribution cost savings to the company.

3. Purchase Order Planning – many wholesale distributors spend a lot of time trying to figure out what inventory they have on hand and what they need to order, when, and how much. Systems like Anytime Supply Chain help buyers streamline this process and can reduce the time spent on planning significantly.

4. Warehouses – larger wholesale distributors may consider warehouse cost savings strategies common with warehouse replenishment software such as stocking certain items only in select warehouses based on the demand for that item by warehouse location and simply fulfill the order from another warehouse location.

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