Credit Collection Letter Template

Conversations about money owed to your company by a customer should always be handled with care. If you are sending reminder letters and collection letters (or emails) to your customers, it is critical to make sure you are sending the right message. Your goal is to send a message that will result in payment without damaging your relationship with the customer. to do that, you must find the right balance between firm urgency and friendly information- and that can be tough. Below is a credit collection letter template and sample of a reminder letter to help you craft the critical communications that will preserve customer goodwill while also helping you get paid faster.

Sometimes your customers just need a friendly reminder that they have not paid you. A simple reminder letter let’s them know they they do owe you money and you are ready and willing to help them get this taken care of. Here is a sample of what this might look like:

If your customer, after receiving the above notification, still does not make a payment, you will want to become a little more demanding in your next payment. The sample below is a past due notice; it is a little more urgent in tone while remaining professional and friendly.


For more information on how to improve your overall accounts receivable management communication strategies, download this white paper. The paper gives you everything you need to build and execute an effective communications strategy with additional resources like the credit collection letter template above. In this document you will also find phone scripts, email templates, advice on how often to contact customers about payment, and much more.

credit collection letter template

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