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Demand Forecasting Software Options – Sales Forecasting Software by e2b teknologies

In the previous article we highlighted two ways that companies try to trick their ERP systems into handling forecasts even though the applications do not natively have the required functionality. In this article we will show how Anytime Supply Chain software handles demand forecasting.

Forecasting demand can vary by product line. It is important that manufacturing and inventory forecasts be entered and managed given the specific nature of the item and the customers who purchase the item. For example, a wholesale distributor may have relatively flat or predictable manufacturing or inventory demand for an item in a given quarter but demand may vary over each quarter. This is especially true with some seasonal items. Consider jewelry distributors who need to ramp up actual and forecast purchase orders to meet holiday demand for Christmas and Valentine’s Day or a shovel manufacturer who has higher demand for snow shovels in the Fall and Winter and higher demand for gardening shovels in the Spring and Summer.

Forecasts may also vary depending on the level of detail you want for the forecast. For example, you may have one product line that is sold to a lot of customers but another product line that has a higher demand among a smaller group of customers. With Anytime Supply Chain software you may setup one Forecast Product Group to define demand forecasts by Item/Warehouse for the first product group while forecasting down to the customer level for the second product group.

Anytime Supply Chain Sales Forecasting Software allows companies to effectively manage their forecasts by providing an Excel manufacturing inventory planning template to define the demand forecast. They can then use all the power of Excel to adjust previous forecasts or actual demand to determine the best forecast to use for their future plans.

And best of all, Anytime Supply Chain software integrates forecasting with the MRP/DRP demand planning process considering all of the related item, inventory planning software, warehouse demand planning, and transactional data within the ERP business system assuring that plans are as accurate as possible down through the internal supply chain (internal transfers and internal work orders).

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Anytime Supply Chain software Forecast Group Setup. Forecast by item and by warehouse in daily, weekly, quarterly, or annual periods and smooth the forecast to different period sizes for MRP or DRP planning.

e2b teknologies is the original developer of Sage 500 MRP software. The Company continues to develop new features for Sage 500 MRP software and now offers Anytime Supply Chain software, the next-generation cloud MRP software and cloud DRP software is available for Sage 500, Sage 300, Sage 100, Intacct Financials, Intuit QuickBooks, and other accounting and ERP business applications.

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