Download Our New Library of Credit and Collections Communications Templates

You spend a lot of time and money marketing to prospects and converting them to profitable customers and you have tools to help you do that, like ERP or CRM, right? Managing accounts receivable is overwhelming for many businesses because they lack the right tools for the job. Sure you can go try to use your CRM or your ERP to manage them, but that is like trying use a hammer when you should be using a screwdriver; you can try all you want and it might work out, but the result won’t be all that great.

Good communication is the #1 requirement for effective credit and collections. If you spend the time developing credit and collections communications call scripts, email templates, and letter templates, you will be significantly more effective in your credit and collections activities. To that end, we have developed a  library of templates and everything else you need to get started.

Different situations and different customers require a different form of communication. Sometimes email will be best and sometimes a phone call, letter, or combination of all three will be your ticket to success. No matter where you are in the collections process, there are some elements your communications must have. In our credit and collections template library you will find the following:

  • Six steps to developing an effective credit and collections plan that will drive-down your accounts receivable and bad debt write-off
  • Call scripts
    • Invoice dispute call script
    • New customer welcome call
    • Large invoice call
    • First call
    • Second call
    • Third call
    • Fourth call
  • email templates
    • Reminder email
    • Past due email
    • Collections email
    • Sales notification email
    • Certified email
    • Final email
  • letter templates
    • Collections letter
    • Open invoice letter
    • Past due notice
    • Customer statement

You can download this library for free by clicking the button below, Happy Collecting!

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