e2b teknologies Announces Parts Assembly Explorer Windows 8.1 Application for Anytime Commerce

May 27, 2014, Chardon, OH

e2b teknologies, publishers of Anytime Commerce B2B ecommerce software, today announced a new Parts Assembly Explorer application developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows 8.1. The free Parts Assembly Explorer application will be launched this summer for dealers, distributors, and manufacturers of capital equipment and complex products to help their dealers and customers to locate parts within complex product assemblies so they can easily order products online.

“Finding replacement parts in complex products can be very difficult for dealers, distributors, and customers,” said e2b teknologies CEO Bill Henslee. “The Parts Assembly Explorer allows them to select a product by make, model number, year, serial number, part number, or other filters or through built-in search capabilities. They can then navigate visually through the product assembly by clicking on photos and diagrams of each component drilling down to specific parts they want to order.”

The Parts Assembly Explorer allows the manufacturer or distributor to upload parts diagrams that link to images of components within the assembly. Individual parts within each image can be linked to products within the Anytime Commerce storefront so customers can quickly find the right product and easily add them to the shopping cart.

Parts Assembly Explorer is also available for sales representatives and dealers or distributors to place orders for parts for their customers through the native Windows 8.1 application.

Anytime Commerce is designed for business to business ecommerce allowing customers to see account information as well as their specific, contract pricing with their supplier. They can also review recent orders, shipments, and invoices online with access to shipment tracking information.

Parts Assembly Explorer will be a free download for customers accessing Anytime Commerce sites. The product was developed in tandem between e2b teknologies and Microsoft and will be available connected to Anytime Commerce.

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