Ecommerce companies must adopt security to combat common threats

When investing in new ecommerce software, companies need to be aware of the security vulnerabilities that pose a threat. Businesses should look to protect themselves and customers by being sure security is up to par, The Hosting News said.

"One of the most common features of modern e-commerce systems is that they are completely automated, from the initial visit all the way to payment," the news source said. "Some ecommerce software may have a vulnerability that allows the cyber criminal to insert a lower price into the URL and essentially get away with practically stealing."

Other things companies must look out for, according to The Hosting News, include SQL injection that will attack a company's database, unsecured authentication, which can be fixed with better SSL certificates, and remote command execution, which will make companies particularly vulnerable to hackers.

A computer security company said these vulnerabilities are of more importance to companies since there is so much sensitive information and data stored in their ecommerce software and websites. The impact of ecommerce security incidents could extend beyond loss of revenue and harm to a companies reputation, as online retailers also face compliance issues with regard to how they handle and safeguard customer information.

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