eCommerce Infographic Shows Current B2B eCommerce Statistics

Did you know that 50% of yearly sales for many B2B companies come from online transactions? With a percentage like that it’s a wonder why only 25% of B2B companies have an online presence. It seems like several B2B companies are missing out on the huge competitive advantage that B2B ecommerce software delivers. Our new B2B ecommerce infographic has several enlightening statistics, just like this, for B2B companies.

The infographic, “eCommerce á la Cart,” is shaped like a restaurant menu and focuses on a theme of food. The reason for this is that food is delicious, and that B2B ecommerce statistics are much more enjoyable to view if surrounded by pies and fine cutlery. Don’t get us wrong, B2B ecommerce statistics are interesting enough, and they don’t need all the fancy graphics to make them more, shall we say, digestible… but who doesn’t love pie?

Did you know that business to business has the largest U.S. ecommerce revenue by market!?! It’s over twice as big as business to consumer and over 90 times as big as business to government. How big is it exactly? Well, you’ll just have to look at the infographic to find out.

“eCommerce á la Cart” offers a fine selection of information for those interested in the facts of B2B ecommerce; however, we didn’t put this together just because we love ecommerce software. We put it together because we make ecommerce software. That’s right. e2b anytime apps is the developer of Anytime Commerce, the business to business ecommerce storefront. Check out the infographic to see what you’re missing out on without an ecommerce storefront (or perhaps get a reminder of what you have).

You can view the infographic, easy as pie, by clicking this link. And don’t worry about being gluttonous, as long as you share!

About anytime apps:
e2b anytime apps ( develops software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud-based business software including Anytime Collect collections software, Anytime Commerce B2B e-commerce storefront, Anytime 500 add-ons for Sage 500 ERP, Anytime Supply Chain for Intuit Quickbooks and Intacct Financials, Anytime Docs document management , and Anytime Assets inventory and asset tracking.

by Josh Bailey

B2B eCommerce Infographic

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