Ecommerce software could help retail businesses see sales increase

A recent survey shows that when retail companies use integrated ecommerce software, they see good results in their sales. A survey of 200 branded manufacturers and 1,300 retail companies found that ecommerce helped increase online and in-store sales. Software for ERP, including ecommerce software, could be great for companies looking to expand.

This survey also found that 65 percent of retailers who responded saw an increase in store profit or improved customer acquisition. About 23 percent said that it helped both. Highlighting their commitment to integrated online and in-store sales, 70 percent said they would reduce their stock or stop buying from brands that sold directly to customers online.

“[A] retail-integrated solution was created to empower branded manufacturers to sell online and use those sales to drive more in-store sales and improve relationships with their retail partners,” an ecommerce executive stated. “The survey clearly shows that brands and retailers are not only happy with the model, but that retailers are starting to demand this kind of partnership from the brands they stock in their stores.”

As this survey demonstrates, ecommerce integrated with ERP business solutions could improve revenue while solidifying brands' competitiveness in an evolving marketplace.

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