Ecommerce websites need to work for mobile users

These days, a company can have it all: ERP business software, a good accounting program, and a CRM solution to help draw in customers and get a better picture of them, but E-Commerce Times said that in addition to these tools, companies should be looking to make their website as mobile-friendly as possible for customers. The Times said mobile websites are key to the success of any company operating online, whether B2B or B2C focused.

"It's important for businesses to build an experience specifically made for the mobile web to grow and retain business," Dennis Mink, a chief marketing officer for a mobile company told the news source, adding that more than 50 percent of consumers in the United States have a smartphone.  "A very large percentage of these people are searching and browsing the web from their phones. There is a significant revenue opportunity for businesses who offer a mobile-friendly website experience."

E-Commerce Times said websites designed specifically for a desktop do not look very good on mobile devices or tablets, so consumers are forced to zoom their way in and out and try to navigate the website instead of easily making a purchase. said it isn't hard to have a mobile ecommerce option, but companies must start by finding the best possible ecommerce software soluition to be sure everything is running as well as possible. This should streamline operations and perhaps make the business grow.

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