Ecommerce will see some shifts in the new year

Any B2B or B2C company that adopted ecommerce software in 2012 likely saw big success if implementation was undertaken correctly. CMSWire said consumers were once wary of buying online, but this year internet retailers made headway as more people determined that using a website to make a purchase could be safe.

"But as much as ecommerce has evolved, 2013 promises to be full of even more great leaps forward for consumers – and for the online businesses that serve them," the news source said. "More channels and devices are digitally disrupting the market, and consumers are more fickle than ever."

With this in mind, CMSWire said businesses need to be smarter on their websites and in every aspect of their online presence. One tip offered was to personalize the website by collecting data about customers via a software program, and using the information to make sure site visitors are getting the best possible experience. No matter what kind of company is being run, this type of personalization could be the difference between making a sale and having a potential customer exit the website.

Another big trend in the new year will be ecommerce's move to mobile devices, as the news source said it is no longer enough to just have a working mobile experience, but it must be suited to the device.

"Consumers are simply going to lose patience with sites that fail to keep pace," CMSWire said. "Gone are the days of resizing, scrolling and otherwise struggling to view a site depending on the size of your computer or device screen."

An ecommerce blog said B2C sets the standard for how B2B works online, so businesses that sell to other businesses also need to be sure their mobile solution is up to snuff. This means using ecommerce software to be sure that a 3.5-inch screen is able to digest everything the website is putting out there. This blog said companies that automatically offer a mobile solution as soon as the website address is entered have a much better chance of converting easy purchases.

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