Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500)

forecast modeling for Sage 500 ERPAccurate demand forecasts are essential for distributors and manufacturers to determine which products to buy or make and how many to keep on hand in order to avoid stock-outs and lost sales Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP from e2b anytime apps helps ensure this information is accurate. An accurate forecast minimizes carrying costs, reduces financial exposure due to high inventory levels, maximizes labor and machine utilization, helps reduce overtime, and minimizes machine setup and tear down. It is very likely that you have Excel on your computer—it‘s a great product, but it’s not designed for forecasting. We have a solution for that.

By implementing Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP, you get an affordable, integrated solution which dramatically improves your forecast accuracy and processes. Forecast Modeling is a module available in the Anytime 500 Suite as an add-on to extend your Sage 500 ERP system. You don’t have to be an expert in statistics to create accurate demand forecasts. Forecast Modeling automatically selects the most appropriate statistical forecasting model for each item based on the item’s sales history and much more.

Benefits of Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP:

• Forecast Generation based on historical sales and shipments

• Advanced Statistical Exponential Smoothing,Box-Jenkins, Seasonality, and more

• Integrated with Sales Forecasting and MRP for Demand Planning

• Create model templates for new product introductions

• Define forecast start date (product introduction) and end date (product phase out)

• Define product supersession where replacement items inherit sales history from former items

Watch a Demo of Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP:

Anytime 500 extends Sage 500 ERP inventory and manufacturing modules with advanced features to help distributors and manufacturers forecast demand, manage material plans, streamline work orders, streamline cost management activities, track quality control, and effectively manage all aspects of their Sage 500 ERP inventory and manufacturing operations and daily activities. Anytime 500 products can be purchased as individual modules or as part of several bundled suites.


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