Getting the most out of email marketing campaigns

As most ecommerce businesses can attest, email marketing is a vital component of any effort to expand operations. Engaging prospective and current clientele is essential to converting and retaining valued customers. Email marketing can be an effective tool to demonstrate the worth of individual clients and cultivate communication. With a focused strategy in place, online merchants can significantly increase their customer pool. According to statistics compiled by eMarketer, 67 percent of marketers worldwide cited email as the most successful digital marketing platform. Furthermore, open and click-through rates increased between 2010 and 2012 for both house and prospect lists. This topic has been touched upon before, but there are always opportunities present for ecommerce businesses to further enhance their email marketing efforts.

There are numerous ways in which ecommerce businesses can craft more effective email marketing campaigns. According to Practical eCommerce, vendors should carefully consider every aspect of an email's content. For instance, some marketers will be satisfied with a subject line that simply gets the consumer to open the email. A far more effective subject line, however, will jumpstart the customer conversion process. To optimize efforts, ecommerce businesses should avoid vague terminology. Delivering a specific offer and call to action can lead to potential customers already having a specific purchase in mind when they open the email and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

The source also recommended that online merchants pay close attention to the "From" line in their marketing emails. The recipient's name can oftentimes appear larger than the subject line, drawing the reader's attention. Ecommerce businesses' can test out variations between a company name or individual person to determine which is most effective. In addition, vendors should ensure that the first line of the email compliments the subject line, as it is often visible from an email client inbox. These strategies are two simple methods that ecommerce merchants can use to enhance their email marketing campaigns.

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