HosePower USA Finds Anytime Collect a Reliable Accounts Receivable Collections System for Infor ERP

HosePower USA provides hoses and hose assemblies to mining companies and manufacturers of cranes, trucks, sanitation equipment, pressure washers, pumps and other items with integrated hoses. These hoses must meet strict tolerances set forth by design engineers. HosePower operates three OEM Centers that are expressly equipped to assemble, test, clean and distribute hoses to meet the exact needs and scheduling requirements of their busy customers.

Aharon Koss, IT Specialist said that HosePower first began their search for an accounts receivable solution when their old system began to get a little ‘creaky.’

“We started searching for collections software about a year ago because we were using an older system that really made us worry,” Koss said. “It wasn’t supported and we were afraid that it was eventually going to collapse and fail. And if it did, we didn’t have a backup or a continuity plan. We needed something new and reliable.”

Koss said that they were shopping for a newer and more readily supported product and one that better fit their needs. “We wanted something more modern that could do more things like automation,” he said. “A system that could talk to our ERP system and was built on newer technology that would support us better than the old system.”

Koss and Credit Manager Shirley Odom scoured the Internet for solutions that seemed to give them everything they needed. A key requirement was the ability for the new software to interact with their existing Infor ERP system; that the vendor offer robust support; and of course that the solution came in at an affordable price. “We found e2b during our search. We contacted them and they fit all of our criteria. That’s why we decided to purchase Anytime Collect. We use a flat file interface between

Anytime Collect and our ERP software, which is working out great for us. I’m seeing our invoices going out pretty seamlessly. It was a good fit all around,” said Koss. “Anytime Collect integrates seamlessly with our ERP system, was offered at an attractive price point, and e2b is great – we’re well supported. We’re comfortable that if the system went down that e2b would have us back up and running in no time.”

“And that’s why we went with e2b,” Koss said. “It’s been a relatively easy transition for us. I feel e2b has been a good software partner for us. They’ve supported us well and answered all of our questions.”

“We’re dealing with about 3,000 and 4,000 invoices a month,” says Shirley Odom, Credit Manager and principle user of Anytime Collect at HosePower. With that many invoices and a small staff, she needed Anytime Collect to help streamline her collections processes while automating as much of her work as possible.

“Every Tuesday we run a rule violation routine,” Odom said. “And that pulls up every invoice that’s more than 10 days past due. Anytime Collect looks at those and can automatically schedules those calls for our collectors which has been a great help. We used to have to manually go in and add each of the accounts to a call list and manually setup each call. But now in Anytime Collect I just push a button and all those calls are scheduled for us.”

Once Anytime Collect has flagged all of the overdue invoices, Odom and her team have some options. They can opt to schedule a call or they may opt to just send a reminder. “If the past due amount is less than $500, for instance, I might not call right away. I might use the email feature instead. We can go in – another plus – and we can use the automation to send a “friendly reminder” by email. And that reminder will contain a list of any invoices that are past due for that client. They can click on any of the invoices in the list and it will take them straight to the detailed invoice. So if for some reason there’s an invoice that a customer might be missing, they just click on the link and it downloads it right to their computer. We’re working smarter not harder, and the friendly reminder feature is wonderful.”

“In one week, we may have over 270 contacts to make – emails, calls, customer contacts,” said Odom. “And for one person, that had become way too much to handle. And that’s it, we have one person, just one main collector. So anything that helps whittle down the time that’s consumed by collections is a benefit. And it really does help with that.”

And it’s not only Odom and her staff that enjoy the benefits of Anytime Collect. “Customers and my department staff alike find it very beneficial that we can send out friendly reminders that allow our customers to pick and choose invoices that might have gone missing in the mail. We’ve had our customers come back to us and say they really like this feature.”

“I’m not technically inclined,” Odom admits. “I’ll be the first to say it. I required a lot of hand-holding, but e2b got me through it, and they were excellent. Honestly, I’ve only had good experiences with them. Anytime I have a question, they’re very responsive – they’re right there to answer it.”

“They went over and beyond anything we could have expected,” adds Koss. “They even helped us set up our rule violation routine and the logic behind our automated activities – and they sure didn’t have to do that. That’s pretty phenomenal.”

Odom sums up why HosePower is so fond of Anytime Collect: “Change is always hard, but Anytime Collect really delivers on its promises, and their people have the temperament to be good and patient teachers. I haven’t had to bother them for anything in awhile but I know they’re always there if I need them.”

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