Increase branding through video

Business owners from every sector know how important building a rapport with consumers is to cultivating brand loyalty. Even behind the glow of a computer screen, ecommerce is not immune from this simple fact. Customers may operate with a degree of anonymity as they browse stores, but that does not mean that online business owners should avoid making efforts to engage them. Sophisticated ecommerce software provides a number of resources that can be leveraged to enhance the capabilities of digital stores to build brand loyalty.

Practical eCommerce recently suggested that online businesses should consider using their software's video tools to further their branding efforts. Videos provide businesses with an opportunity to display a brand image or personality. Logos and interfaces will certainly be part of the equation, but videos can be even more effective in cultivating a positive brand association. Ecommerce software should allow businesses ample resources to embed videos at various points in the shopping process.

How-to videos can be an effective resource to not only provide customers with information about a business' products, but also to establish an identity for a company's brand. An instructional video can demonstrate to consumers that a particular business is an expert in its field, values customer service and has the forethought to consider potential issues before they arise.

Even pages that many online shop owner consider as afterthoughts can be boosted by video-based branding. Having videos on contact and additional information pages such as about us or shipping information can directly engage customers and show off some personality and humor.

Businesses can even take their video branding campaigns to other sites. By posting material on social media sites, companies can showcase their particular brands to a new range of potential customers and drive more interest in their products and services.

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