Is There A Difference Between B2B eCommerce Software & Online Shopping Carts?

If you have begun to consider implementing B2B ecommerce software into your strategy, you are headed in the right direction. Why? Because b2b buyers are really starting to dig online purchasing. A recent study reported 57% of b2b buyers have made purchases online and plan to do so even more in the coming year.

But you’re not alone, 40% of marketing and sales professionals will adopt b2b ecommerce software into their repertoire. What does that mean for you? Competition. Especially since 71% of B2B customers admit they would leave their current supplier for another company with the same products, similar pricing, and an option to shop online. So it’s a good thing you are weighing your ecommerce options.

But before you go running out to buy your ecommerce solution, there are a few things you need to know, one of the most important things is the difference between B2B ecommerce software and an online shopping cart.

shopping cart software:
• limited or non existant customization makes your site look exactly like every other storefront using that shopping cart software. This does not allow you to represent your brand, make customers feel safe in their purchasing, and it will drive your marketing team insane!
• Shopping carts do not have integrations to other impotrant business systems which makes selling online much harder than it needs to be, does not allow for real-time information, and invites data entry errors between systems.
• Shopping carts are designed to focus on the actual purchasing process- not the entire shopping experience and this can severely impact customer satisfaction.

B2B ecommerce software:

• Ecommerce software will have important integrations with ERP, CRM, and other business systems. This will help you truly recognize the many benefits of B2B ecommerce.
• Software such as Anytime Commerce will have fully customizable content management system allows you to customize your site for your specific preference.
• Software with customizable content management systems will allow you to use banners, calls to actions, and other marketing strategies to update your website visitors with current promotions, picing changes, buying opportunites, suggestison etc.
• Secure login: B2B ecommerce software gives you the ability to lock out the public and allow access to your products and pricing only to those with login information. In the B2B world this can be extremely important for online sales.

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