Keep Eyes on your Invoices with AR Automation Software

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do you ever feel like you lose sight of your invoice as soon as you send it off? like someone just flipped the light switch on you? or have you sat in your office wondering if the customer even received it? you’re not alone.

Many AR professionals have that same experience due to a lack of functionality and visibility in their accounting software and other AR processes. AR automation software can help clear things up and turn the lights back on.

AR software is a great tool for creating invoices but businesses (especially those selling to other businesses on credit terms) need more capabilities than they get in their AR software. Anytime Collect extends AR software with credit and collections features yet integrates seamlessly with the AR software providing a 360 degree view of the customer  account including data in the AR software and from activities created and managed in Anytime Collect.

Anytime Collect is like CRM software but specialized for Accounts receivable software applications to automate communications providing AR software users with a formalized system to document what is happening in the credit management or collections process.


Our free white paper 17 Things You Should Be Doing to Reduce Accounts Receivable can show you how Anytime Collect can improve your AR software.

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