Lunch Byte: Batch Process Production Entry for Sage 500 ERP (FKA MAS 90)

A part of our Lunch Bytes Series: 15 minute technology updates.

The topic this week? Batch Process Production Entry for Sage 500 ERP (FKA MAS 90)

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Batch Process Production Entry in Anytime 500  is very useful for batch environments such as food, beverage, and chemical processing, as well as repetitive or lean manufacturing.This enhancement is similar to the Production Entry task in the standard Sage MAS 500 Light Manufacturing module. However, instead of creating work orders onthe-fly by posting transactions against the routing, Batch Process Production Entry allows companies to post multiple labor and/or material transactions against open work or batch orders from a single screen.

Additional capabilities allow you to:

  1. Create multiple material or labor transactions at one time (similar to  Sage MAS 500 Production Entry)
  2. Transactions are created against real Work Orders
  3. Useful for cellular, repetitive, or lean manufacturers who report several transactions at control points against open work orders
  4. Very useful for food processors who need to issue lots of ingredients to work orders for processing
  5.  Customize material and labor entry screens

and more!

Anytime 500 extends Sage 500 ERP inventory and manufacturing modules with advanced features to help distributors and manufacturers forecast demand, manage material plans, streamline work orders, streamline cost management activities,
track quality control, and effectively manage all aspects of their Sage 500 ERP inventory and manufacturing operations and daily activities. Anytime 500 products can be purchased as individual modules or as part of several bundled suites

Anytime 500 product demo

Batch Process Production Entry Sage 500 ERP

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