Manufacturing and Cloud Computing: Why the manufacturing industry is warming up to SaaS applications

The bottom line for success in any manufacturing organization comes down to two things, speed and accuracy.  Speed and accuracy in manufacturing allows for increased cost savings, greater profit, and more efficient processes, but it’s not easy. According to a recent study, Manufacturing and Cloud Computing have become a powerful pair as software as a service (SaaS) has proven itself as a strategic way for manufacturing companies to maximize cost savings, speed up processes, and increase the level of accuracy in their operations.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are over 20% of all the software installed by manufacturing and distribution firms which is expected to more than double in the next 10 years

But why have we seen this jump in Manufacturing and Cloud Computing? In today’s world, as a manufacturer, it is very important make yourself as easy to work with as possible in order to remain competitive. Cloud computing has become a sure fire way to help your organization attain that goal. Why?

  • helps manage the short product lifecycles and time-to-market schedules found in the manufacturing industry
  • accelerates new product development
  • makes collaboration among supply chain partners fast and easy
  • Launching a cloud applications takes considerably less time than premise solutions
  • Lower total cost of ownership lowers overhead and allows for greater profit
  • Lower start up costs also allows for greater profit
  • Cloud applications are customizable which is very important based on company and/or product requirements
  • It gives users control over upgrades
  • Provides real-time information quickly and makes it available to everyone inside and outside of the organization
  • Lower cost associated with IT hardware, resources, and other expenses
  • Updates are easy which makes it possible to update more frequently and always have access to the most advanced technology to enhance processes
  • And more

That list is only a small portion of the benefits being recognized by companies who are warming up to the cloud. What other benefits do you see in Manufacturing and Cloud Computing?


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