Manufacturing companies should be looking at business intelligence

To maximize the value of manufacturing accounting software, TechTarget said companies have to look at business intelligence. This technology can help businesses analyze data and see sets and patterns they wouldn’t normally see.

Boris Evelson, vice president and principal analyst for application development and delivery at Forrester Research, told the news source that he believes companies that don’t have some kind of manufacturing business intelligence in the mix are in the minority.

“Getting real-time analytics, such as tracking conveyer belt processes, requires new technologies,” Evelson said, according to TechTarget. “Older BI relied on batch samples and stale data. Today, manufacturers need split-second response time now for complex event processing.”

Gartner told the news source that almost all BI providers are starting to target manufacturing firms because they are large and data-rich companies.

Evelson writes on Forrester’s blog that for 2012, he believes business intelligence will be big for businesses and have more of a mobile element. He also believes information workers will want more business intelligence control this year.