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When it comes to Sage Accpac and MRP there are a handful of places that leave you wishing for more. The solution does include a Bill of Material, Work Order, and MRP Software Module, but there are weaknesses and gaps in the software. The limitations of the software make it difficult for you to accurately forecast sales, it does not support multiple step transfer orders, and does not give you buyers and planners the insight they need to efficiently make their decisions. Fortunately there are other options out there to step in when Accpac (now Sage 300 ERP) drops the ball.


Where are the weaknesses in Accpac?

  • Accpac has only basic functionality to manage forecasted demand which limits the ability for customer driven purchase order or work order plans from demand forecasts.
  • Accpac does not natively support three-step transfer orders so companies who operate multiple warehouses or distribution centers as well as companies who transfer stock from one centralized location to virtual warehouses for shipping and manufacturing are at a disadvantage.
  •  Accpac also does not have action message functionality. This makes it extremely difficult for planners and buyers to know what orders need moved-in, which ones to move-out or which to cancel.

Anytime Supply Chain software for Sage Accpac is driven from action messages which is much more efficient for planners and buyers and it also has functionality to fill the gaps in sales forecasting and transfer orders.

Anytime Supply Chain integrates with Sage Accpac (now Sage 300 ERP) to give you the MRP functionality you have been missing. You will be able to identify what to buy or make based on sales order or forecast demands, safety stock levels, on-hand inventory, pending inventory, and manufacturing transactions.

Anytime Supply Chain merges communication between the critical areas of your business systems and allows you to see important data across your organization as well as share that information with customers, suppliers, and distributors.  With Anytime Supply Chain for Sage Accpac (now Sage 300 ERP) you can avoid stock-outs, improve on-time delivery, and maximize your production resources.

AccPac MRP


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