MRP Messages: MRP Exception & MRP Action Messages

Why should planners review information when there is no action to take? If there’s nothing wrong with the date or quantity on a purchase order then leave it alone and focus on the actions you need to take to keep your supply chain in balance.MRP Messages are at the  heart of Anytime Supply Chain software including manufacturing work order exception messages, purchase order exception messages, and inventory exception messages and MRP action messages.

Manufacturing work order action messages, inventory action messages and purchase order action messages alert planners to various things they need to do. These can include moving in the date of an existing order to cover immediate demand or moving an order date out when there is no longer demand for the item but there is future demand in the system.

For example, a customer service representative takes an order from a customer. The MRP/DRP planning software sees the order demand and suggests a purchase order from your supplier for April 1, 2014. You are now planning to purchase (or if you’re a manufacturer – to make) enough product to fulfill that demand. This all makes perfect sense. But…What happens when the customer calls back and says they need the product on March 1, 2014 instead? Now you have a purchase order in the system with the wrong date. Anytime Supply Chain software will suggest that you move in that existing purchase order with your vendor to cover the change in demand.

This could be a worse scenario if the customer called back and cancelled their order altogether. Now you have an order in the system to buy a product that no one wants! This ties up your cash, takes up space in your warehouse, increases carrying costs, and can result in inventory that you may never sell. It takes time away from employees who must receive, stock, and track the inventory.

Anytime Supply Chain software recognizes these changes and will suggest (through an MRP Exception Message) that you cancel purchase orders, transfer orders, and work orders in cases where there is no longer demand for an item in a period.

mrp messages

Anytime Supply Chain manufacturing software and inventory action message recommending that the date on a purchase order be moved out to a future date because of changes in either supply or demand.


e2b teknologies is the original developer of Sage 500 MRP software. The Company continues to develop new features for Sage 500 MRP software and now offers Anytime Supply Chain software, the next-generation cloud MRP software and cloud DRP software is available for Sage 500, Sage 300, Sage 100, Intacct Financials, Intuit QuickBooks, and other accounting and ERP business applications.

by James Mallory

MRP Messages

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