Multi-Company Conglomerate Integrates Accounts Receivable Management Software for QuickBooks

downloadChardon, Ohio, March 27, 2014-Today e2b teknologies, publisher of Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software, announced a multi-company conglomerate located in the Caribbean has chosen Anytime Collect for integration with their QuickBooks accounting software to be used in multiple companies throughout the corporation.

Before implementing Anytime Collect, QuickBooks was used to manage a significant volume of invoices and customers, a job much larger than the limited system could effectively handle, and without the necessary tools or automation needed to optimize productivity. The corporation realized that with QuickBooks alone they were unable to leverage their invoices and make the most of their accounts receivable assets.

“QuickBooks provides users with a secure place to store their accounting information and strong basic accounting functions,” said James Mallory, Marketing Director of e2b teknologies, “but what QuickBooks does not do is give users the insight and automation they need to effectively manage the entire process and take advantage of the cash being held up in accounts receivable.”

The Organization needed a solution to extend the functionality of QuickBooks and automate their time consuming daily activities so collectors could focus their efforts on more critical tasks such as invoice disputes, customer communications, and other activities directly related to cash flow. The integration of Anytime Collect with QuickBooks gave them exactly what they needed.

“Well managed accounts receivable is crucial, especially for a large and complicated conglomerate like this one,” said Mallory. “By extending their QuickBooks system with Anytime Collect, they can now automate and track collections communications and invoices, accept online payment from customers, and utilize the other robust features in the software to streamline their internal processes and become more effective in their collection efforts in companies throughout the corporation.”

About Anytime Collect:
Anytime Collect, accounts receivable management software, streamlines the entire credit and collections process to help companies get paid faster. Accounts receivable management is streamlined through automated customer communications, prioritized collector activities, online customer payments, phone call logs, email templates, mail merge documents, and built-in cash forecasting and dispute management tools. Anytime Collect is a Silver Certified Solution available to QuickBooks users worldwide in the QuickBooks Marketplace.


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