Traffic Maintenance Company Implements Anytime Collect for Better AR Management

A leading family-owned traffic maintenance company in Texas, N-LINE traffic, recently made the decision to implement Anytime Collect for better AR management. The company’s goal was to  replace their manual AR management processes and improve them with a solution that could work alongside their QuickBooks system to give them increased visibility, better control, and automation of their accounts receivable activites.

N-LINE Traffic Maintenance has three locations in Texas with customers all over the state. The company specializes in providing their customers with a number of services including traffic maintenance, sign installation, and other traffic safety products and services. The company realized they needed to reevaluate their AR management practices as their current processes were inefficient.

The Problem:

N-LINE was using manually processes prior to finding Anytime Collect. The company used spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel and aging reports from their QuickBooks system. This manual process, one that many companies find themselves using, was not a reliable or way to manage their most important asset- accounts receivable.

“Prior to using Anytime Collect we had to look at our spreadsheets and aging reports from A-Z, see if anything was late, and hope we didn’t miss something.” – Lorrie Acarto, Accounts Receivable Manager at N-LINE Traffic Maintenance.

Additionally the company has a hard time keeping track of the special, and very specific payment terms extended to a handful of their customers, accounts referred to as “retainage accounts.” Their inability to fully track those payments based on their special terms left the company without a true sense of their AR.

The Solution:

The company implemented Anytime Collect AR management software to work alongside their QuickBooks system so they could eliminate their manual processes, feel confident in their AR reporting, and gain deep insight into not only their normal accounts but their retainage accounts as well.

N-LINE was able to speed up their invoicing process through automation and specific rules set up within Anytime Collect to help them stay on top of their AR management activities.

“In Anytime Collect we are able to set rules and are notified when a customer is late or if it is time to file liens/bond claims…Additionally we have been able to speed up our invoicing processes. Before, we would have to print out each invoice then scan it in our files before e-mailing it out. Today we can select numerous invoices and attach them to a document that we are e-mailing. It is all so much easier now with Anytime Collect.” Lorrie Acarto, AccountsReceivable Manager at N-LINE Traffic Maintenance.

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