New Supply Chain Management White Paper Helps Extend Sage MRP/DRP Software Modules for Improved Planning

In a press release published yesterday, e2b anytime apps, developers of Anytime Supply Chain, enterprise-class supply chain management software system, announced the release of the company’s latest supply chain management white paper. The white paper, entitled “Sage MRP/DRP & Anytime Supply Chain Software from A to Z,was written to help manufacturing and distribution companies who use Sage software to extend the Sage MRP/DRP software modules to more effectively manage their supply chain. The white paper was written to give readers an in depth comparison of Anytime Supply Chain with other solutions as it delves into the bowels of Sage MRP/DRP software and Inventory Replenishment software modules. The white paper convers a number of different topics inlcluding:

  • How Sage MRP/DRP software modules work.
  • What underlying fields affect MRP software calculations.
  • Tips and suggestions for further extending Sage MRP/DRP software modules.
  • and more

“Many companies are using ERP products that offer little or no demand forecasting or MRP planning tools within their core business applications,” said James Mallory, author of the white paper. “Some applications have their own MRP software modules, but they are often limited and difficult to use in real world environments. This paper was written for wholesale distributors and manufacturers who need to fill the gaps in their current applications, and to give them access to enterprise-level MRP and DRP planning tools.

The white paper is available for free download here.

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