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Engineering Change Order Effectivity Dates & MRP Sofware

Changes made to your bill of material software obviously have an impact on your MRP planning process and DRP planning process. For example, a vendor may notify you that they are replacing a model of their part with another. This will result in the receipt of a new item which will need to be integrated with your new bill of material so you start ordering the new part and planning to use-up existing stock of the old item.

You may also change machines which will change the manufacturing lead time for a finished good or perhaps you are addressing some lingering quality problems and you find a better way to make a part. All of these changes could (and probably will) have an impact on your material plans.

Anytime Supply Chain software pulls in the current bill of material and routing information from your ERP or accounting system for finished goods by item and by warehouse so you are planning using the most recent version of the bill of manufacturing.

Planners who have the luxury of determining when they want to implement a non-crtitical ECO change may want to use Anytime Supply Chain software to see when they will be at their lowest stocking point. This would be the ideal time to phase out the old version and to start using the new version.


e2b teknologies is the original developer of Sage 500 MRP software. The Company continues to develop new features for Sage 500 MRP software and now offers Anytime Supply Chain software, the next-generation cloud MRP software and cloud DRP software is available for Sage 500, Sage 300, Sage 100, Intacct Financials, Intuit QuickBooks, and other accounting and ERP business applications.

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