Sage MRP : Insights on Sage 500 MRP & Inventory Replenishment Software Modules

Sage 500 MRP ( aka in this article as  Sage MRP) software was developed by Haitek Solutions  and sold as part of its Envision ERP manufacturing replenishment software Sage MRPwhich integrated exclusively with Sage 500 (fka Sage MAS 500 and Acuity Financials). Sage wholly-acquired Haitek Solutions and Envision ERP in 2001.

The Sage MRP software module was relatively “young” when Sage acquired Haitek Solutions so there are some functional gaps in the product compared to more mature material requirements planning software applications. The good news is that there are some great add-ons available to fill in most of those gaps for more advanced users.

The Material Requirements Planning software module was developed to extend the Inventory Replenishment software module for manufacturers who needed a tool to plan for actual and forecast purchase orders, transfer order planning, and manufacturing work orders.

Sage licenses Sage MRP when you buy Inventory Replenishment (and vice versa) so if you purchased one of the modules you get both of them. An future article will discuss the differences between the two modules and how they work together to help wholesale distributors and manufacturers plan for their material needs.

Sage 500 MRP software needs a lot of information to give you an accurate material plan and missing just a few setup fields can make a huge difference in the outcome of the material plan. For example, many companies forget to setup safety stock levels which means that the Sage MRP software is always planning to make products to get you back to a zero on-hand quantity. This doesn’t leave much room for error and can result in costly stock-outs – especially for raw materials that are required in upstream manufacturing operations causing a backlog in work in process (WIP), rush orders, and scheduling problems.

Stay tuned to the e2b anytime apps blog as we delve into the bowels of the Sage 500 MRP software and Inventory Replenishment software modules offering insights into how the module works, what underlying fields affect MRP software calculations, and it will offer some tips and suggestions for extending the Sage MRP software module even further with new features from the e2b anytime apps product, Anytime 500 Enhanced MRP and Sales Forecasting modules.

e2b teknologies is the original developer of Sage MRP software. The Company continues to develop new features for Sage 500 MRP software and now offers Anytime Supply Chain software, the next-generation cloud MRP software and cloud DRP software is available for Sage 500, Sage 300, Sage 100, Intacct Financials, Intuit QuickBooks, and other accounting and ERP business applications.

Sage MRP

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