Sonic Solutions blasts past due receivables with Anytime Collect

With multiple offices worldwide, Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC) is among the world’s leading publishers of media creation and management applications for consumers and media professionals.

Sonic’s products range from advanced authoring systems used to produce Hollywood DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles to the award-winning Roxio-branded photo, video, music, and digital-media management applications such as Easy Media Creator, Toast, Just!Burn, and PhotoSuite.

Sonics products are used by millions of consumers every day and are available through more than 15,000 retail and online retail outlets such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Costco, and through OEM relationships with technology providers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo, and through direct sales.

Previous growth and expansion into international markets created ever-increasing work for Sonic’s credit and collections team. Sonic’s credit department soon outgrew its manual credit and collections management process built on Excel files and custom reports. Sonic needed an easy way to capture all financial information in a secured and centralized location.

Sonic found everything it needed in Anytime Collect, an integrated credit and collections management solution with built-in security and integrated document management capabilities.

Super-Sonic Growth

Sage 500 ERP has served Sonic’s needs for nearly a decade, but growth and expansion into new international markets created escalating work for the credit and collections team tasked with managing worldwide collections in multiple currencies.  “We get a lot of value from our ERP system but needed much more functionality in credit and collections management,” said Karen Weaver, Corporate Controller at Sonic Solutions. “We began our search and are thankful that we found and selected Anytime Collect which does most everything we need today with advanced features that we can grow into as we further automate our processes.”

A Documented Surprise

Sonic uses Anytime Docs to create PDF copies of invoices and statements that are available to their team. PDF copies are created and automatically filed when Sonic prints statements and invoices from their ERP system. “Anytime Docs was a pleasant surprise for us when we implemented the system,” said Weaver. “Our credit and collections team no longer has to log-into the ERP system to reprint these documents and they can quickly review invoice information and attach invoices to emails to send to customers from within the system.”

Collections Activities

Sonic manages collections for accounts receivable in its ERP database. Sonic also tracks outbound communications, enters account and contact notes, and manages invoice disputes in the application. Weaver commented “We really like the integrated email feature which has already improved our customers’ response time to past due notices.”

Labor Efficiency

With Anytime Collect, Sonic was able to reallocate staff to other activities due to the streamlined and automated features in Anytime Collect. “We have seen an improvement in the workload that our collection representatives can manage because they have all of the information they need at their fingertips,” said Weaver.

Business Insights & Automation

Sonic Solutions has realized significant and marked improvements to its internal collections processes. Sonic plans to utilize more of Anytime Collect to gain even more value from the solution. “We are still getting our feet wet with Anytime Collect,” Weaver said. “We plan to utilize the system for more detailed collections activity reports, to improve cash flow forecasting, and to automate statements and customer communications. Anytime Collect has everything we need to manage a world class credit and collections department.”

Partners for Success

e2b teknologies is an established credit and collections management software publisher. “We are very happy with e2b teknologies. We participated in the beta program for Anytime Collect and found e2b’s team to be extremely knowledgeable and responsive to our needs and our suggestions. They are a true partner and valued extension to our team,” Weaver said.

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