Study Shows Business to Business ecommerce Solutions Will Continue to Gain Popularity into 2014

In a recent study, “The Emerging Role of B-to-B E-commerce” it was reported that today, 31% of b2b marketers are considered to be strong adopters of ecommerce and Business to business ecommerce solutions. That is a 6% increase from 2012. As we end 2013 and enter 2014, it is predicted that we will see even more (40%) of marketing and sales professionals adopting b2b ecommerce solutions into their strategy. Why the increase in adoption?

Because business to business ecommerce solutions are changing and so is the B2B marketplace.

B2b ecommerce is becoming more and more like the B2C ecommerce we have all come to know. B2B buyers now expect to see the same ease of use and functionality in B2B buying as they do when they are on any B2C online site. Now that software developers have  caught on to this demand for B2C experiences, business to business ecommerce solutions have evolved and are now much more attractive, easier to use, and gaining popularity every year as this study shows.

The study reported that 47% of respondents feel as though they have no choice but to adopt a business to business ecommerce solution due to constraints on marketing resources and changes in the marketplace as a whole. For manufacturing and distribution companies, it is becoming more and more important to get involved with online selling now that online giants such as Amazon and Google are jumping onboard the B2B ecommerce bandwagon.  They have no choice if they want to remain competitive and hold onto their clients who want to have b2b ecommerce as an option.

Additional reasons for the increase in adoption cited in the study include:

  • To reach new buyers.
  • To Generate new leads.
  • To generate general awareness.
  • To find buyers ready to buy.
  • To differentiate products and services from the competition.

Are you currently using B2B ecommerce? why do you think it is gaining popularity? leave a comment or send us a tweet, we’d love to hear from you!

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