Accounts Receivable Best Practices: Put Together a Great Team

There are many accounts receivable best practices, but without an all-star team to carry them out, you’re back at square one. You assign resources to sales, marketing, preventative maintenance, customer service, and virtually every aspect of your business, but who is responsible for managing your accounts receivable? In most businesses, it’s a part-time, untrained bookkeeper or junior accounts receivable clerk. Considering that accounts receivable is such as vital part of your cash flow – does this sound appropriate? Probably not. Let’s discuss the steps to defining your accounts receivable management team.

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Top 5 Most Downloaded Resources for Best Practices in Accounts Receivable Collection

We know you’re busy and no matter how important improving your accounts receivable is, it can be hard to find the time and, let’s face it, the energy, to sit down and sift through the countless articles and resources about best practices in accounts receivable collection. To make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled our top 5 most downloaded accounts receivable white papers to help you speed up the research process so you can put these best practices into place and start seeing results. Continue reading

5 Simple Accounts Receivable Best Practices to Help You Get Paid Faster

A story by Kathy Hoffelder titled “Why Firms Don’t Pay Their Invoices” appeared July, 30 2013 on According to the story, one company, TermSync, conducted a study of 100 financial executives.This research points out some major opportunities to improve accounts receivable collections that are completely within our control. Below are a five very simple accounts receivable best practices that you can implement today to improve your accounts receivable management and get paid faster.
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