Accounts Receivable Dispute Prevention: The Case of the Missing Invoice

Accounts Receivable Dispute PreventionManufacturers have long practiced poka yoke – a Japanese strategy for error-proofing their manufacturing processes to improve quality. There are many strategies that businesses can implement to error-proof their accounts receivable processes to prevent invoice disputes that are within their control. Below are just a few suggestions for accounts receivable dispute prevention so you keep them from happening, get paid faster, and focus on more important issues. Continue reading

Defining Your Accounts Receivable Dispute Resolution Procedures

Defining your accounts receivable dispute resolution procedures


It doesn’t matter whether you sell products or services; any company that bills customers inevitably has to deal with an Accounts Receivable Dispute.  Disputes may be legitimate (wrong product delivered, incorrect service rate charged, etc.) or it can be a disagreement that requires extensive communications to resolve. Mismanagement of your Accounts Receivable Dispute can significantly affect business relationships and may jeopardize open, pending, and future orders. Continue reading