Complete the Quote to Cash Cycle with Accounts Receivable Software

You put together a marketing campaign and successfully carried it out using your marketing automation software and CRM. Those marketing efforts brought in a great lead and your sales team nurtured them through the sales cycle with the help of CRM and other systems. Now the prospect is ready to make a purchase and become a customer. Nice! But your work is not done yet. From here you will discuss and agree upon pricing and payment terms, create a quote and contract, manage the order and delivery of the goods/services, draw up and invoice, send it, and receive payment…right?

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Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable Software Chosen to Automate Collections for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Chardon, Ohio March 06, 2014- Today, e2b teknologies, publishers of Anytime Collect accounts receivable software, announced a new customer, a leading supplier of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, has selected Anytime Collect to work alongside their Microsoft Dynamics GP system for automated collections, improved cash flow, and reduced bad-debt write offs. Continue reading

Keep Eyes on your Invoices with AR Automation Software

Accounts Receivable Software

do you ever feel like you lose sight of your invoice as soon as you send it off? like someone just flipped the light switch on you? or have you sat in your office wondering if the customer even received it? you’re not alone.

Many AR professionals have that same experience due to a lack of functionality and visibility in their accounting software and other AR processes. AR automation software can help clear things up and turn the lights back on.

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Using Accounts Receivable Software to Automate Business Processes

How Can Using Accounts Receivable Software Automate Business Processes?accounts receivable software

Credit professionals spend a lot of time with manual processes that should be automated or simplified to the point where they are much easier to manage. Some tasks that can be automated include reprinting of invoices and statements, invoice and statement delivery, due date reminders, and past due collections communications. Continue reading