e2b anytime apps Announces Advanced Synchronization Module for Global Enterprise Users of Anytime Collect A/R Credit & Collections Management Software

May 21, 2013, Chardon, OH - e2b anytime apps (www.e2banytime.com), a division of e2b teknologies, announced a new Advanced Synchronization module for Anytime Collect accounts receivable credit and collections management software. The new module benefits companies with multiple ERP or accounting databases and companies using multiple ERP or accounting systems. Continue reading

e2b Anytime Apps Releases a New Feature in Anytime Collect Receivables Management and Credit Collections Software

Chardon, Ohio, May 14, 2013- Today, e2b anytime apps, publishers of Anytime Collect receivables management software, announced the availability of a new feature in the popular credit and collections and receivables management software . The new feature, ‘Customer At A Glance,’ further streamlines accounts receivable activities by allowing Anytime Collect users to view all pertinent information for an account quickly and easily in one place, without having to navigate away from their current screen or task.

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e2b anytime apps Announces Anytime Supply Chain Software for Intuit QuickBooks, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and Intacct Financials

Chardon, OH  May 09, 2013- e2b anytime apps, a division of e2b teknologies, announced today the release of Anytime Supply Chain, a supply chain management suite for Intuit’s QuickBooks, Sage 100 ERP (fka Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200), Sage 500 ERP (fka Sage MAS 500), and Intacct Financials. The cloud solution is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription for distributors and manufacturers who need a better way to plan purchase orders and manufacturing work orders. Continue reading

What is credit collections management?

what is credit collections managementWhat Is credit collections management?

Credit Collections Management (CCM) is a suite of integrated business applications that extend a company’s accounts receivable and accounting system to facilitate credit management, billing and invoicing, remittance processing, dispute management, and collections processes. Continue reading

your B2B eCommerce Site: Should You Be Advertising with Google Adwords & Other Pay Per Click (PPC) Sites to Drive Traffic?

Getting traffic to your B2B e-commerce site: tips and strategies from industry professionals.

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A common issue we hear is the recognition that competitors, maybe with inferior products/services, are beating companies on Google or Yahoo. Businesses understand that with less than optimal rankings on major search engines, opportunities are being wasted. Sound familiar? Continue reading

Business to Business eCommerce White Paper

Until recently, eCommerce has been used primarly by B2C’s but today Business to business eCommerce is among the largest growing segments in the marketplace. So as a B2B you should be asking- how do I Join in? What kind of storefront do I need? Is there a difference between B2B and B2C ecommerce software?

The white paper “13 Reasons Why B2B ecommerce Storefronts Are Different than B2C” answers all of those questions and serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses evaluating B2B Shopping Carts & B2B Storefront Software including insights on: Continue reading

White Paper Helps Manufacturers, Distributors, and Business Service Companies To Significantly Reduce Receivables and Bad Debt by Developing a Business Credit Policy

Chardon, Ohio, April 04, 2013

e2b teknologies, developers of Anytime Collect (http://www.anytimecollect.com) recently published a new white paper, entitled “6 Steps to Developing a World Class Business Credit Policy & Collections Action Plan”. The white paper is designed to help manufacturers, distributors, business service organizations to develop a business credit policy and action plan. Continue reading

Webinar: Best Practices in Working Capital Management

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Best Practices in Working Capital Management

Many companies underestimate the importance of working capital management. By effectively managing your working capital you can reduce the amount of cash tied up in receivables, inventories, and other processes. join us for this 30 minute webinar for tips, tricks, and tools to more effectively manage your working capital & get paid faster.

Webinar:Best In Class Website Design Tips & How To Develop Qualified Business Opportunities Online

B2B ecommerce

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Join e2b anytime apps & Company 119 to learn how to turn your website traffic into qualified business opportunities. Ask yourself the following questions. If you are not thrilled with the answers you may want to watch the recording!

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Infographic Shows That Having quality A/R management is becoming increasingly essential

Across many organizations, accounts receivable is a large asset and great way to bring in AR management softwaremoney if it is done correctly, but a new infographic from e2b Anytime Collect showed not every business has their department where it should be. With accounts receivable software available, companies should look to make this as productive and efficient as possible to not lose out on any incoming cash flow. Continue reading